I have three jobs I thoroughly enjoy. First, I am a wife to my best friend and partner in crime, James. Second, I get to be a Mom to two super handsome boys, Logan and Ethan. And finally, I am an eLearning consultant, to which I'm grateful to have found my professional passion. We live in Fairborn and it wasn't until we had our first son that we really started exploring Dayton. We have discovered many fun things to do and see; it's been great having those experiences so close! In my spare time, I enjoy doing projects around the house, baking, traveling, hanging out with family and friends, and binge watching TV.

The Question That’s Helped with Listening

That is the new question that I’ve been saying A LOT lately to my son. It beats the before. Envision this… We are getting ready to leave the house and all the chaos that brings....

A Twist on a Classic: Cheeseburger Hoagie Sandwiches

There’s nothing like a good cheeseburger. The ooey-gooey cheese on top of a juicy burger, in between two soft, yet crunchy slices of bread. Adding bacon just takes it to the next level. But making...

Is Three So Terrible?

March is a big month for us; we have two birthdays just days apart from each other. My son’s and mine. I can’t believe he will be 3 and I will be 21…plus 12....

Jerk Chicken Nachos: Our Family Favorite

Hosting a party and not sure what to make? Or need a quick meal? Try nachos! Not just any nachos, but jerk chicken nachos. The jerk seasoning has quickly become one of my favorites and...

Pimento Spread Recipe

Although this may not fit into your diet plan for the new year, this recipe is a delicious, and addicting one! Let me start by saying I am a carb junkie and Kroger seemed...

A New Tradition for Gift Giving with Your Significant Other

Gift giving is something I love to do and I like to think I'm pretty good at it. I spend a lot of time throughout the year paying attention to what people say, hint...

5 Products for C-Section Recovery

The debate on c-sections and whether that is "real" birth or the "easy way out" have been a hot topic for a long time. I've had two and I can say they are not...

How to Start (and Stay) Organized in Your Home

Are you an organized person? Do you love to organize…or dread it? For me, I love organization and the container aisle is my happy place – let’s not even mention The Container Store! To...

A Letter to My First Son, the Big Brother

The day is approaching - the day you will no longer be an only child. We always knew if we could, we wanted to give you a sibling. Siblings were and still are a...

It’s a #boymom Life

How many of you Mom’s out there have children of the same gender? When you found out the second, or third, or fourth was the same gender, how did you feel? I ask because we...

A Family That Plays Together Stays Together – Celebrate Family Fun Month!

When I was younger, my parents always tried to have family time and as a teenager, I found that to be annoying, (even if I did have fun). However, now that I've surpassed those...

Big Boy Room

This past weekend we did some rearranging and winter cleaning in our house. While we were cleaning, we also switched a couple of rooms...our office and Logan's room. Logan was upgraded to the big boy...

Staying Cool in the Summer Heat

Summer is fast approaching and that means sun, sun, and more sun! But it also means hot days ahead. With a mild winter, I fear our A/C is going to be working overtime. So...

Dine In…or Out?

I. Love. Food. Especially when I don't have to cook it. However, there were several months where we were blindsided by the amount of money we spent on eating out. Do you find yourself in...