The Mamas who make up Dayton Mom Collective are incredible in so many ways. Not only are they amazing mothers, each in their own special ways, but they are also a talented, kind and incredible group of women. This page is dedicated to them and the things that they are passionate about.

This is the heart of DMC.

International Vasa Previa Foundation

When you get pregnant, you have all of these beautiful hopes and dreams… counting 10 fingers + 10 toes (or 20), seeing a button nose profile (or 2) on the ultrasound screen, feeling those kicks + hiccups, decorating a nursery…. you dream of the delivery, mommyhood and all that it has to offer. It’s all perfect…until you learn that all of those plans might not happen.

Contributor Lindsey C.

Angels for Anna

Angels for Anna is a local organization that I had no idea existed until just one short month ago, and once I became familiar with their mission, and their founders, I knew they were simply like no one else. An organization based solely on being a bright light in a dark world and doing the small things, all because of one little girl.

Contributor Stephanie J.

Artemis Center

Now, I’m in a loving marriage with three beautiful girls but domestic violence awareness is still close to my heart. I want other women to know there is help out there. I want them to know that making decisions is hard and scary. But there are resources out there to help you and to make those decisions a bit easier.

Contributor Amy B.

New Life Clinic

The New Life Clinic is so much more…and I love being part of it.  New Life Clinic has client advocates that greet you when you come in and have been professionally trained to help you.  They want to help you however they can.  Whether you find yourself with an unplanned pregnancy or need help with some items for your child’s needs, they are there to talk with you, pray with you, and help you make a plan for what is ahead for you.

Contributor Cheryl B.

Alzheimer’s Association

As an elder law attorney, I regularly interact with people suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease or other forms of dementia, and I’ve witnessed firsthand some of the benefits the Alzheimer’s Association provides to both those who are suffering themselves and just as importantly, to their loved ones and caregivers. My career aside, I’ve seen loved ones suffer from dementia, and I’m passionate about the need for funding and research to help find a cure.

Contributor Kim E.

Brigid's Path

What also makes Brigid’s Path unique is their way of treatment for their babies. While some medicine is necessary, the organization aims to do as many therapeutic techniques as possible. This means the babies are getting round the clock care, every single day.

Contributor Kary Ellen B.

Hannah's Treasure Chest

 Families gain access to clothing, baby equipment, books, shoes, diapers, hygiene items, and other essentials. In 2017 alone, they reached 5,500 children and partnered with over 50 Miami Valley agencies.  Their impact is far-reaching.

Contributor Carrie B.

Shoes for the Shoeless

On that day, I witnessed over a hundred children receive a new pair of shoes. Some of them came wearing slippers. Many had on shoes that were broken down. Immediately, I was able to see why Kris was so passionate about her cause.

Contributor Lisa C.

4C for Children

We often parent like we were parented – and we are influenced by the moms around us. How they talk to their children, the strategies they use for child guidance and what they believe about child development. The respect they give their child’s interests and needs, and how they scaffold to support the individual abilities of their children affect me.

Contributor Kirstie S.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

As I got older I started seeking out opportunities or events that would give me what I was looking for; a group of people who knew what I was going through, understood the trials and victories I was experiencing and would help me feel like I was not alone with this illness.

Contributor Elizabeth F.

Miami Valley Women's Center

The Miami Valley Women’s Center chooses to simply love their clients. To educate them on all options. To offer support and incentives, to walk with them on their chosen journey.

Contributor Stephanie J.


There is a great program called InfantSEE, where children between the ages of 6-12 months can receive a free eye exam at select optometrists.

Contributor Kary Ellen B.