Local Coffee Shops


coffee shops in daytonFellow mamas, let’s get right to it :: you’re tired, I’m tired, we’re all tired. 

I recall watching my mom and her friend gather for coffee. I would sit beside them and sip on my “coffee” and chat right along with them. It wasn’t until I became a mom 11 years ago that I would realize why those coffee dates were so vital! Not only am I exhausted 24/7, sometimes those coffee dates are my outlet to adult conversation and bonding!

Luckily, there is a holy grail for us mamas who need a pick me up :: COFFEE.

At this point in my life, an ideal girls’ night out would be sitting at a coffee shop, sipping my peppermint mocha, and talking about anything that doesn’t have to do with my kiddos!

Dayton mamas, we are in LUCK! When it comes to coffee, this area is bursting at the seams with the cutest, hippest, tastiest coffee shops our mamas’ hearts could desire!

Without further ado, I am happy to present the guide to Local Coffee Shops!

Due to how COVID has affected local businesses in ever-changing ways the past couple years, please make sure to let us know if any of these coffee shops have changed locations or permanently closed.

Multiple Locations Around Town


DMC Tip: Let your kids experience their first ‘coffee drink’ – a Milky Way steamer! They will feel very sophisticated sipping the sweet concoction!

Boston Stoker 

DMC Tip: Don’t say we didn’t warn you, but the highly addictive Grogg Latte might just change your life (in the best way possible!)

Dorothy Lane Market

DMC Tip: We love the fact that they have Killer Brownie inspired beverages to match their signature dessert!



DMC Tip: Fun (and extremely cool) fact: according to Food & Wine Magazine, this is THE BEST coffee shop in all of Ohio! Don’t fret, if you aren’t a coffee connoisseur, Press also serves a delectable hot chocolate.

Ghostlight Coffee

DMC Tip: Our contributors love supporting this local eco-friendly shop in large part because they carry a wide variety of delicious gluten-free baked goods!

Table 33

DMC Tip: Get out of your go-to comfort zone and try a fun specialty like their Espresso Cream Soda!

Caffeine Carl

DMC Tip: Order an early cup from this booth and then enjoy exploring the rest of the vendors at the 2nd Street Market!

Third & Perk

DMC Tip: If coffee isn’t your idea of a happy hour beverage, you’re in luck because you can also choose from a wide selection of wines at this combination coffee house and wine bar!

Gem City Catfe

DMC Tip: Try one of their creative offerings like the Honey Cinnamon and Maple Turmeric Lattes … and then go play with cute kittens!

Reza’s Roast

DMC Tip: Our contributors raved about this female-owned shop that not only roasts all of their own blends but also focuses on sustainable methods.  We are all about women supporting women doing awesome things in our community!

Tastefully Roasted Coffee

DMC Tip: You can reserve tables for groups up to 10! Perfect for your book club, mom’s night out, etc!!!

Wholly Grounds

DMC Tip: On top of tasty coffee they offer both vegan and gluten free baked goods!


EPIC Coffee Shop

DMC Tip: Come for the coffee and excellent pastry selections; stick around for fun themed events, such as open mic nights and children’s reading hours.

Calico Coffee

DMC Tip: This is the perfect hidden gem for your quick, go-to cup.  Did we mention it is a drive-thru?  We’re all about convenience here!


This Guy’s Coffee

DMC Tip: Try two of their most popular items: the coconut cream coffee and the chocolate chip espresso flavored scones!


Purebred Coffee Co.

DMC Tip: For you non-coffee fans, one of our contributors praised Purebred for having the best chai latte in the area!


Warehouse 4

DMC Tip: If you’re a mid-day coffee drinker, stay for lunch and enjoy their menu, which focuses on local, organic produce and salads and fresh, artisan sandwiches.


Kee Mo Sabe

DMC Tip: If you aren’t in the mood for a hot cup, be sure to try their homemade gelato!  Favorite flavors include Tiramisu, Pink Guava Sorbetto, Raspberry Cheesecake, and Kentucky Bourbon!

Stonetown Coffee

DMC Tip: Coffee or dessert? Why decide when you can have BOTH! Try the Affogato: a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream topped with a double shot of espresso and whipped cream.


Kava Haus

DMC Tip: While you can get a good cup of coffee, the baked goods are the stars of the show here.  From freshly baked scones to the generously iced cinnamon rolls, you will keep coming back for the pastries!

Jen’s Deli 

DMC Tip:  If you are a coffee-loving vegetarian, this is the place for you!  There are tons of menu options, including crowd favorite veggie hummus wrap.


Coffee Hub Xenia

DMC Tip: While you’re getting your java fix, your kids will love the decadent banana split waffles… and you may just have to sample a bite or two for yourself!

Happy caffeinating, moms!