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local breweries in dayton

Parenthood changes a lot of things, but it doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the atmosphere and flavors of our local breweries.

We have you covered with everything from our “kid-friendliness” rating to our pick for what you should get “on tap”. 


If a brewery is rated "0" that doesn't mean you aren't allowed to bring your kids, it just means that we recommend you do your research before you do and potentially reserve that location for date night
or for your next girl's night out!

Pink = No Food or BYOF; Orange = Appetizers or Lite Fare; Green = Full Menu

The Hairless Hare Brewery

DMB Recommendation: Seasonal Brews

The Dayton Beer Company

DMB Recommendation: Broken Trolley

Warped Wing Brewing Company

DMB Recommendation: Ermal's Cream Ale

Toxic Brew Company

DMB Recommendation: Abby's Cure

Fifth Street Brewpub

DMB Recommendation: Jo Jo’s Midnight Stout

Carillon Brewing Company

DMB Recommendation: Taste of History Flight

Star City Brewing

DMB Recommendation: Adena Pale Ale

Crooked Handle Brewing Company

DMB Recommendation: Boro Blonde Ale

Lock 27 Brewing

DMB Recommendation: Seasonal Brews

Eudora Brewing Company

DMB Recommendation: Sundowner Blonde Ale

Yellow Springs Brewery

DMB Recommendation: Boat Show


  1. Lock 27 does have a kids menu, it just isn’t printed. My boys love their Mac and cheese and the burger with fries.

  2. I’d love to hear how you came to your decisions because some don’t make sense at all. To give Dayton Beer Company a zero and no food (2nd street pizza is akin to Spent Grain Grill) while they both have the same stuff for children doesnt make sense. Quite honestly, the only brewery on the list that should get a zero for children is Toxic. Most have been nothing but friendly and accommodating to my 4 and 6 yr Olds.

    • Thanks for the feedback. The ratings were achieved by polling local moms, but we will certainly take reader feedback into consideration when we edit in the future.

  3. Toxic I wouldn’t say is a zero. They have popcorn and some games. I actually did a breastfeeding shoot there with a local group of moms. They loved having all of our kids and babies there!

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