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Did you know that there are over 50 incredible parks located throughout just the Centerville/Washington Township area of Dayton!? FIFTY PLUS!! It’s absolutely amazing, and a little overwhelming. To help you determine where to go, we’ve put together a list categorizing the parks into various amenities that might interest you and made it available as a handy little printable. Below, you’ll also find more detailed information about our top favorite parks from these categories.

Oak Grove

Favorite Park Overall

Oak Grove has a little bit of everything to entertain the whole family. Both playground structures have built-in shade, which is so ideal when the sun is blazing down! The larger of the two playground areas perfect for big-kids and toddlers – it has various rope climbers & rock wall climbers as well as a tall feature slide to entertain the older kids as well as tot-sized climbers and slides to satisfy the little ones. There are also two swing sets available – one of which houses an accessible swing too. The smaller playground area is more appropriate for older kids featuring tall climbers and a spider web rope climber as well. It does also have an infant swing though, so you can push your little one while you watch the older ones play.

What else do we love about this park? In addition to nice paved paths, which are great for jogging, it also has exercise equipment sprinkled along the route. Fido needs some time to play too? No problem! Oak Grove is home to the area’s only all-inclusive off-leash dog park too!

1790 E. Social Row Rd.

Forest Field

Favorite All-Inclusive Playground

It has so much to do for every age group. The playground equipment is amazing and so creative. Kids love the hide and seek animals, the big sandbox, the wooden structures, and the musical instruments. They offer a natural playground (wooden logs to climb in/on), & shelter with picnic tables. They offer great restrooms including a family restroom and a refillable water bottle station.

What else do we love about this park? It also nicely connected to Bill Yeck with great walking and hiking. They offer great restrooms including a family restroom. Refillable water bottle station.

2100 E Centerville Station Rd.

Robert F. Mays

Favorite Big Kid Playground

This is one of the area’s newest playgrounds and it. is. AWESOME! We’ve categorized it as a “Big-Kid” Playground because of its extensive climbing features: net climbers, rock wall climbers, and a swaying rope bridge, just to name a few. It also features two swing sets – one containing an accessible swing along with belt swings and infant swings, and the other contains a new circular swing for multiple riders. While it truly is meant for older kids (think: 5-12-year-olds), younger kids can be seen enjoying it as well. An adventurous 3-year-old can confidently climb all over the place, you just may have to stay a step behind them in case they get “stuck” and unable to climb down.

Other fun features: ADA accessibility, hitting wall, ¾ mile paved multi-use trail, picnic tables under a shelter, restrooms, & a nice large multi-use field beside it.

10553 Paragon Rd.

Divided Ridge

Favorite Toddler Playground

There is only one play structure here, but it is absolutely perfect for the little ones! Featuring 3 slides and zero climbers, this playground is a mom’s dream. The only way up and down is via two separate steps of stairs, so you never have to worry about your sweet toddler scaling up a scary climber before they’re ready. It also features some really cute interactive play panels such as the musical chimes, a game of tic-tac-toe, and movable mosaics.

Other fun features: There’s a really nice shaded shelter with two benches adjacent to this playground as well as other benches closer to the play structure. It is also located in a neighborhood with very little thru-traffic.

347 Beck Drive – Neighborhood Park


Favorite Toddler Playground: Runner Up

Let’s face it: with the abundance of parks, we really couldn’t pick just one toddler favorite! We love Rosewood for one main reason: SHADE!! Lots and lots of beautiful shade! The play structure is really nice and perfectly sized for tots too, but seriously, those trees are everything during a hot summer day! It also has a really cute little merry-go-round that’s seemingly much safer than the ones we all grew up with, as well as infant swings, belt swings, and a tire swing.

Other fun features: The playground is located right next to a really nice fishing pond, and you don’t even need a license to fish here! It’s great for letting the kids have their very first little fishing experience. It also has an awesome hill for sledding in the winter time!

475 Roselake Drive – Neighborhood Park

Activity Center Park

Favorite Splash Pad

Well, considering the fact that it’s the only splash pad in the area, it wasn’t a very tough competition to chose this as our favorite. In all seriousness though, it’s a really nice splash pad! Hours begin the Friday before Memorial Day every year and it is open from 8am until 8pm, seven days a week. It usually shuts down sometime in early September. Directly adjacent to the splash pad is a great all-inclusive play structure that is ADA accessible and perfectly sized for toddlers and big kids alike!

Other fun features: picnic tables & shelter, restrooms, grills, 3 baseball diamonds, 4 pickleball courts, tennis court, & a rain garden.

221 N. Main St.

Beechwood Springs

Favorite Shaded Playground

This playground was completely overhauled in 2016 and features a really neat play structure geared more for older kids (lots of rope climbers, tall climbers, and a rope obstacle course), as well as brand new belt swings and infant swings, plus a large circular swing for multiple riders similar to the swing at Robert F. Mays. The trees surrounding this park are absolutely beautiful and provide lots of great shade-coverage for those hot summer days!

Other fun features: Hiking trails along a stream, picnic tables, grill, & a large multi-use field.

1141 Quiet Brook Trail – Neighborhood Park

Old Lane

Favorite Shaded Playground: Runner Up

The play structure featured here at Old Lane is actually really great for both toddlers and big kids. It has climbers and over-head components that will keep the older kids entertained, but it also offers some smaller climbers and a separate smaller structure perfect for the little ones as well. You’ll also find belt seats and infant swings here as well as a few nice benches to sit and watch the kids play. The best part about this park – It has a beautiful old oak tree that truly provides the perfect amount of shade. It’s just lovely!

Other fun features: Picnic tables & 2 tennis courts

500 Druewood Lane – Neighborhood Park

Bill Yeck

Favorite Hiking Trails/Streams

As you can see, there are several entrances to Bill Yeck Park because of the great selection of trails that run through it! Every time you visit, you’re bound to see some new type of vegetation or wildlife that you didn’t see on your previous visit. It’s the perfect place for a nature hike for kids of any age. The end of the Parkhaven Point even features a natural play area too! (Mom Tip: Wear rain boots or some type of shoes you don’t mind getting wet or muddy during the rainy season – often times the trails can be a little flooded!)

Other fun features: Apiary, bird blind, (Wilmington entrance), historic home, native seed nursery, Owlexander’s Tree Trek Nature Literature Trail (Rooks Mill entrance), portable restroom (Wilmington entrance), restroom (Smith entrance), small shelter (Wilmington entrance), sled hills, & views of Sugar Creek.

Rooks Mill Entrance, 8798 Rooks Mill Ln.
Smith House Entrance, 2230 E. Centerville Station Rd.
McGuffey Meadow Entrance, 7893 Wilmington-Dayton Rd.


Favorite Hiking Trails/Streams: Runner Up

Just like Bill Yeck, Grant also has several entrances to choose from. The trails vary in difficulty, but the longest trail is only 2 miles long round-trip. You can find a trail map here (thanks to the CWPD website), or visit the Kennard Nature Nook to grab one on your way in. There are so many beautiful sights to see all along the trails. It’s so much fun to get kids involved in the hiking experience by having them find various plants, animals, and rocks along the way. There are even two fire rings that are available for reservations located behind the Kennard Nature Nook and at the Chimneys. You have to have a permit to light campfires though. Also, if you visit the Grant’s Trail entrance, you’ll find some play equipment here that’s perfect for big-kids and toddlers too located in front of a stream! (Mom Tip: Wear rain boots or muddy shoes here during the rainy season!)

Other fun features: grill at the Chimneys area, Mark Kreusch Nature Playce – natural play area at the Kennard Nature Nook, Owlexander’s Hoot Route Nature Literature Trail, Kennard Nature Nook, picnic tables, portable restroom (Normandy Ridge entrance), restrooms (Kennard Nature Nook), sledding hills, wetland/streams

501 Normandy Ridge Road
Kennard Nature Nook – 6588 McEwen Road
616 Grant’s Trail


Favorite Paved/Multi-Use Trails

Stubbs Park is great for a lot of reasons, but one of the best reasons is for its winding, paved paths all throughout the park. You’ll almost always find runners and walkers making great use of these paths as well as the occasional toddler on a little scooter of sorts. It’s a great place to get in some exercise among the trees, and an even better place to wear out your kids! Boasting 4 different playgrounds spread throughout the entire park, it’s absolutely feasible to play at each playground utilizing the paths to walk in between them. This park is also a local favorite because of its amphitheater which features free concerts throughout the summer months, as well as its disc golf course, and ponds which are great for feeding ducks and geese! To fish here though, you will have to obtain a fishing license. (Mom Tip: If you’re a new mom, this park is PERFECT for pushing that sweet little baby along in the stroller while you both get some fresh air!)

Other fun features: multiple picnic shelters, grills, in-line skating rink, sand volleyball court, basketball court, Veteran’s Memorial, Firefighter Memorial, & community garden.

255 W. Spring Valley Road

Countryside Park (Butterfly Park)

Favorite Musical Park

This park is adjacent to the Washington Township Rex center. It is best known as the musical park as it has pipes and drums and other musical instruments. Also known as the butterfly park, the playground equipment is great for climbers of all ages.

Other fun features: there are three ponds with fishing, trails, and it is dog friendly.

895 Miamisburg Centerville Road

Carriage Hill Metro Park

Favorite Big Kid Playground

Covering more than 900 acres, Carriage Hill offers scenic woodlands, prairies, a lake, and pond. The park’s facilities interpret both the natural and cultural history of the Miami Valley.

Other fun features: This park also houses a visitor center, horseback riding center, and a historical farm where your kiddos can see animals and learn about both agriculture and history.

7800 Shull Rd.

Thomas Cloud Park

Favorite Splash Pad

Not only did this splash playground get a nod of recommendation from our team of mamas, but this park has undergone recent renovations which include a new playground structure as well.

What else do we love about this park? You will find a variety of sports venues, including basketball, baseball, sand volleyball, soccer and tennis courts.

4707 Brandt Pike.

Southern Hills Park

Favorite Park Overall

This park features a cute play structure that resembles a house. But, our favorite element is the super cute bike path designed to look like a road. Your kids can bring their riding toys and ride around to the “gas station” and “drive-thru. It’s adorable.

What else do we love about this park? Walking paths, basketball courts, and green space help round out this handicap accessible park.

Kettering, OH


Favorite Toddler Playground

We love this climbing themed playground. Moms of toddlers say the slide is great for new walkers and it’s solid ground so no eating mulch!

What else do we love about this park? Ball diamonds and walking/biking trails.

1030 E David Rd.

Kennedy Park

Favorite Splash Pad

This splash playground features a farm theme with water features spread out nicely so it doesn’t feel overcrowded & is surrounded by a fence which definitely gives peace of mind as kids are running around.

What else do we love about this park? In addition to the splash playground, you can find a farm themed dry playground, non-reservable shelters (first come first served), Pickleball courts, ball fields, picnic tables, and a full-service restroom. Both the splash pad and playground are handicap accessible.

5073 Bigger Rd.

Shoup Park

Favorite Overall Park

It has a super long, fun metal mound slide and many different playground stations to choose from, along with a zip line. Just make sure your little ones potty before you leave the house because the one downside is that there is only a port-a-potty bathroom.

What else do we love about this park? Picnicking is popular in this park. A small picnic shelter near the tot lot provides a shady lunchtime spot, there is a drinking fountain available. A basketball hoop and large open field make this a very pleasant park.

1341 Meadow Bridge Dr.

Owen's Place

Favorite All-Inclusive Playground

Hands down, this is the best all-inclusive playground in the area. Owen’s Place is a universally accessible recreation area, designed to meet a full range of physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs of children and adults with various abilities. The Tree House Village, includes ramps, boardwalks, Carters Cabins ‘Where imagination is without bounds’, two rest areas that are ideal for reading and viewing, an upper level known as the crows nest, which also features net climber, a small rock wall, a curved slide, and the most popular is the dropzone (commonly known as the elevator).

What else do we love about this park? There is a shadow play area with colorful panels and various textures which provides an activity for visually impaired children to use their sense of touch. There are also two bench swings set at wheelchair height so individuals can access them easily. The playground area was just completed and children are in love with the swings and accessible merry-go-round. Funds are currently being raised to create an accessible baseball diamond.

2260 Dayton Xenia Rd.

Spicer Park

Favorite Big Kid Playground

The “roller coaster” style swing & multiple play areas, alongside the double swings make this park a great one for those older kids ready to take on different challenges through play!

What else do we love about this park? This 5-acre park features a play structure, swings, large open green space, and a fitness par course.

3704 Edge Park Dr. – Neighborhood Park

Russ Nature Reserve

Favorite Shaded Playground

Russ Nature Reserve offers 90 acres of mixed prairie and woodlands as well as a Nature PlayScape, hiking trails, tree identification trail, small pond, high-fence garden, tree nursery, butterfly garden, as well as a bee apiary.

What else do we love about this park? This park can be a great place for free-range, child-driven play and is great for all ages.

2380 Kemp Road

Koogler Wetland/Prairie Reserve

Favorite Hiking Trails/Streams

This is a hidden treasure recommended by one of our local mamas. There are 47 acres with parking, hiking trails, boardwalk, observation platform, but potty before leaving the house as there are no restrooms.

What else do we love about this park? This is a great place to do a nature scavenger hunt or bird watch!

Beaver Valley Rd.

Orchardly Park

Favorite Park Overall

This park offers multiple play structures, swings, a big sandpit, & splash pad – it really has it all! The only downside is that it (understandably) tends to be very popular & busy in the warm summer months.

What else do we love about this park? You can also find a basketball court, two tennis courts, and a small ball diamond; restrooms are available on site. 

343 Wonderly Ave.

Cox Arboretum

Favorite Paved/Multi-Use Trails

You can’t go wrong with beautiful grounds, gardens, ponds, & paths to explore, complete with a tree tower to climb & overlook the entire park.

What else do we love about this park? Woodlands, nature trails, a butterfly house, children’s maze, and educational programming make this an even bigger draw for our mama hearts.

6733 N Springboro Pike.

Wegerzyn Discovery Garden

Favorite All-Inclusive Playground

Kids will appreciate and interact with the wonders of nature in the Children’s Discovery Garden. Venture into the woodlands on the Marie Aull Nature Trail or the Swamp Forest Boardwalk and immerse yourself in the botanical richness of the Stillwater River Corridor.

What else do we love about this park? Wegerzyn Discovery Garden includes water play, a beautiful garden, musical instruments, and a sandbox.

1301 E Siebenthaler Ave.

Golden Gate Park

Favorite Overall Playground

This park has been dubbed the “Castle Playground”, by some of our kiddos, since it has a castle-like structure with a small “maze,” slides, bridges, and more. There is a section of smaller swings and bridges to play on for toddlers and a bigger section for older kids that also includes an obstacle course.

What else do we love about this park? Golden Gate Park also holds a modern community theater, with several productions scheduled each year.

545 Upper Lewisburg Salem Rd.

Earl Heck Community Center

Favorite Toddler Playground

This is a small play space but it has a pretty new toddler area that lets them climb, slide, etc. with independence.

What else do we love about this park? This is a community center so there are activities scheduled throughout the year as well.

201 N Main St.

Charleston Falls

Favorite Hiking Trails/Streams

There is a small cave to “explore” and several areas in which you can wade in the water to look for crawdads and other creek life. Essentially it’s the stuff childhood dreams are made of!

What else do we love about this park? There are some fun events hosted here throughout the year!

2535 Ross Rd.

Clifton Gorge

Favorite Hiking Trails/Streams

Plenty of variety in nature to take in and maybe even some fossil hunting! We love Clifton Gorge year-round as each season changes the landscape into an entirely new experience.

What else do we love about this park? This location can grow with your children. Go for longer and more challenging hikes over time!

2381 OH-343

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