This guide is presented in partnership with the businesses listed. We are grateful to them for their support in helping us provide this resource for local families.
pediatricians in dayton

We know that finding the perfect pediatrician for your family is important. Not only is this the person (and practice) you are trusting to help you keep your child(ren) healthy and safe, but you need this person (and practice) to be a true partner, resource, and support system for you as well.

Even the most experienced parents need support and reassurance from time to time. This guide has been locally sourced by your fellow moms and we feel it’s a great place to begin your search for the best pediatric practice for you and your family.

Centerville Family Medicine

Child and Adolescent Specialty Care

Contemporary Pediatrics

Cornerstone Pediatrics

Dayton Family Practice Associates

Ohio Pediatrics

Pediatric Associates of Dayton

Premier Pediatric Group

PriMed Physicians

Shelby Pediatrics

South Dayton Pediatrics, Inc.

Springboro Pediatrics

Troy Pediatrics

Urbana Family Medicine & Pediatrics


  1. Pediatric dentist. It’s in Middletown but well worth the drive. Noonan brockman and pollock on s Breiel Blvd. they accept Medicaid as well. As a foster mom I have taken multiple children with really bad dental history and fear issues and they all loved these doctors and looked forward to their appointments. Their whole staff is awesome. I took my son there recently to have an extraction and a spacer. He’s 7 years old and has a pretty traumatic dental history including dental surgery before he was three to have several teeth removed. On his most recent extraction he didn’t make a sound. He didn’t even know the dr had given him shots of novacaine and had taken his tooth out until I told him. They’re dental slight of hand magicians!

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