Global Day of Unplugging {Put Your Phone Down on March 1}


Checking notifications or mindlessly scrolling Facebook and Instagram has become a part of almost everyone’s daily routine (often multiple times a day), but what if you spent a day not instantly knowing the latest news? The news stories would still be there to read tomorrow, and the latest influencer’s top picks to buy would still be on sale. What if you spent a day not scrolling and instead chose to do something that you “never have time for anymore”?

The first Friday in March has been coined Global Day of Unplugging.

global day of unplugging first friday in march

This year, it takes place on March 1, 2024. The Jewish organization, Reboot, created the event as a way to reconnect with friends and family, decrease dependency on technology, and rediscover forgotten passions. There are so many great things that you can do that don’t require a screen or technology.

Schedule a Lunch Date

Use this opportunity as a chance to schedule lunch with a friend or relative that you haven’t talked to in a while. Enjoy some great food together and even better, without phones by your side, dig deep into conversations.

Read a Book

I always say I never have time to read books anymore, but I definitely find time to scroll social media and play games on my phone, easily letting 20 minutes pass by. In 20 minutes, I could definitely have started a book and found time to enjoy reading it.

Play a Game

There are so many great board games and card games that are definitely fun to play once the kids go to bed, or grab a family favorite and include the kids in some family fun. My daughter loves to play Uno right now and it’s a great option for all ages.

Get Outside

Enjoying nature and exploring the outdoors is something that is fun, but it also can be beneficial to your mental and physical health. Explore a great park in the area or take an after-dinner stroll around the neighborhood. Walking and moving even for a few minutes a day can improve your health and mood and even help with sleeping.

Set your phone notification now to remember that March 1 is the day to unplug (but then turn your phone off and enjoy some screen free time).


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