Library Love On-the-Go


When you’re in a new city, do you check out their library?

Spending a weekend in Columbus, I had the task of finding free/cheap things to do with the kids.

I knew straight where to look; their libraries! 


Using online maps, I scoured the areas around our destination and found viable library systems. Then looking at their websites I found programming we were able to take advantage of during our stay. This is similar to how I attend great library events at home, but at a smaller scale. Read more about my top tips for attending great library events.

For our Columbus trip, I knew where we were going to be when, so I wrote down different options. One library had an animal encounter with no registration required. One library had open playtime with special toys. 

What we ended up doing was a Story Stroll and History Walk through a historic downtown area. There was a map showing different businesses with sequential pages of a story in their front windows. Separately, this area had art installations of historic pictures and captions in many other windows and walls with another map. Between walking and reading (and eating some yummie treats at some of the business), we had a great afternoon of it.

As a bonus, we were able to check out books one day for the car ride around the city. I kept the check out receipt, never let the books leave the car, and double checked when we returned them all before leaving town. Being an Ohio resident, I was able to get a Columbus library card with my ID.

When looking for something to do with the kids away from home, I lean on how I often entertain them them at home. Libraries are a great resource everywhere they’re found!