The Donuts of Dayton

donuts in dayton

Fruit is great, vegetables are good, and proteins are a necessity. The food groups are an important part of a balanced diet. But, let’s be real. Donuts? Powdered, frosted, or glazed, custard-filled, jelly-filled, or bacon-topped…they should get their own group.

Here’s a list of our local favorites::

Ashley’s Pastries

21 Park Ave, Oakwood
(937) 293-1719

Hours: Sunday-Monday Closed; Tuesday-Friday 7am-6pm; Saturday 7am-5pm

DMC Reader Recommendation::

  • best glazed croissants ever

American Classic Donuts

4214 Linden Ave, Dayton
(937) 252-5426

Hours: Monday-Friday 5am-6pm; Saturday-Sunday 6am-6pm

DMC Reader Recommendation::

  • glazed twist

DMC Team Tip::

  • You won’t find wacky creations here. The selection might be smaller, but American Classic Donuts stays true to its name and has perfected your standard fare.

Bear Creek Donuts

80 S. Main Street, Miamisburg
(937) 247-5095

Hours: Monday-Sunday 6am-2pm

DMC Reader Recommendation::

  • the chocolate frosted is insanely soft and yummy
  • kids love the fruity peddles donut

DMC Team Tip::

  • Take your child on their birthday and they can fill and decorate their own doughnut however they want.

Bill’s Donuts

268 N Main St, Centerville
(937) 433-0002

Hours: 24/7; Closed between Christmas and New Year’s Day

DMC Reader Recommendation::

  • pumpkin cake donuts sprinkled with sugar
  • the best butter twist
  • glazed pretzel twists
  • glazed donuts with caramel frosting and nuts

DMC Team Recommendation::

  • pumpkin cake donuts sprinkled with sugar
  • cream horns
  • apple fritters
  • sour cream donuts especially when they are hot
  • lemon donuts
  • applesauce donuts

Daniel’s Donuts

1878 S Maple Ave, Fairborn
(937) 878-0166

Hours: Monday-Sunday 5am-7pm 

Donut Haus

305 W Central Ave, Springboro
(937) 748-0380

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 5:45am-9pm; Friday-Saturday 5:45am-9:30pm

DMC Reader Recommendation::

  • apple fritters
  • the strawberry frosting is the best!

Duck Donuts

1200 Brown Street, Dayton
(937) 951-2618

Hours: Sunday-Wednesday 6:30am-7pm; Thursday-Saturday 6:30am-8:30pm

DMC Team Recommendation::

  • cake doughnut with maple frosting and marshmallow drizzle
  • cake donut with peanut butter frosting and chocolate drizzle

DMC Team Tip::

  • Take your kids to watch how they make donuts, then let them create their own crazy creation!

Evan’s Bakery

700 Troy St, Dayton
(937) 228-4151

Hours: Monday-Saturday, 6am-3pm; Closed Sundays

Jim’s Donut Shop

122 E National Rd, Vandalia
(937) 898-4222

Hours: 24/7

DMC Reader Recommendation::

  • honey wheat

Milton’s Donuts

3533 Roosevelt Blvd, Middletown
(513) 422-8612

Hours: Monday 5am-11am; Tuesday-Saturday 5am-3pm; Sunday 5am-1pm

777 Central Ave, Carlisle
(937) 790-3444

Hours: Monday Closed; Tuesday-Friday 6am-11am; Saturday-Sunday 6am-12pm

8268 Princeton Glendale Rd, West Chester Twp

(513) 883-2026

Hours: Monday Closed; Tuesday-Friday 6am-11am; Saturday-Sunday 6am-12pm

DMC Reader Recommendation::

  • anything with cherry icing!

Schuler’s Bakery

1911 S. Limestone Street, Springfield
(937) 323-4900
Hours: Monday-Sunday 6am-8pm

DMC Reader Recommendation::

  • cream filled with chocolate frosting

Stan the Donut Man

1441 Wilmington Ave., Dayton
(937) 293-1080

Hours: Sunday 5am-10pm; Monday 5am-8pm; Tuesday-Friday 5am-10pm; Saturday 7am-11pm

DMC Team Recommendation:: 

  • pineapple fritters

DMC Team Tip:: 

  • Bring cash, credit card sales have a small fee



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