Pregnancy & Infant Support

This guide has been created with the support of the businesses featured below. We are thankful for their partnership in bringing this resource to local moms.
pregnancy and infant support in dayton

Questions. All parents have questions. It doesn’t matter if you are having baby #1 or baby #8… the questions are a given in this crazy journey called parenthood. We are fortunate to have a variety of resources available to us in the Dayton area who are here to help us answer those questions. This guide is designed to hopefully get you started on the right path towards accessing the resources you need in pregnancy and beyond.

Wondrous Journey Doula Services

Postpartum Support

wondrous journey doula services

Adding a new baby to your home, whether it was through naturally conceiving, through fertility treatments, surrogacy, or adoption, is a life-changing moment, and you need support. Wondrous Journey Doula Services can help you on your journey, providing postpartum support for the family after baby arrives, including breastfeeding help, newborn care instruction, household help, parenting support, and support for birth mother physical recovery.

Every family deserves care that is evidence-based, emotionally safe, and inclusive regardless of race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, or ability. She is absolutely honored to have the pleasure to serve Dayton and the surrounding communities. Her services are the best baby shower gift you didn’t know you needed! Add postpartum services from Wondrous Journey Doula Services to your gift registry today!

Mary is an amazing postpartum doula! She provides amazing support and guidance through the postpartum journey.” –Abbi S.

Text or Call (937) 602-CARE (2273)

Strollers In Motion

Pregnancy Health and Wellness, Community/Support, Postpartum Health and Fitness, Postpartum Wellness

Strollers In Motion is a stroller-based fitness community for moms and caregivers with little ones. The workout classes are safe and relevant for pregnant, postpartum, those just getting started on a fitness journey or mamas that have been back in their fitness groove for a while. Certified instructors can modify every single exercise for every stage of motherhood. Each 45-minute, total body workout incorporates power walking and strolling, strength training, balance work, and toning through the use of body weight exercises, hand weights, resistance bands, and more. Strollers In Motion is more than just a fitness class- it’s a supportive community of moms with monthly Mom’s Night Out events and playdates for the kiddos. This is a place you come to sweat, but also a place you come to build friendships, seek support, and bond over motherhood.

Being a modern mom can be very isolating and feels like an extreme sport most days. Not only did this class help get me back into an awesome fitness routine, but it gave me a community of other moms just like me, just trying to figure it all out! I have found something really special here- a community of women who strengthen, encourage, reach out, and most of all support one another!” -Rachel Payzant Holdaway

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Lactation and Breastfeeding

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Le Leche League of Ohio

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Wellness and Self-Care

Prenatal and Infant Massage

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Fully Alive Chiropractic

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