Our Favorite Dayton Parks


We have been checking out some great parks lately and I wanted to give you an update on them. For those of us that are potty training, I’m including information on the bathroom situation because usually, that is at the top of my list when trying to check out a new park.


Carillon Park

Not technically a regular “park” because there is a cost associated with this one. However, it’s pretty cool because they recently added an electric train that travels around the perimeter of the park. There’s also a carousel. My kids love seeing the Wright Brothers’ plane and bike shop. They have a new 1851 membership program where $151 gets you unlimited carousel rides, train rides, admission, and other perks for 2 adults and unlimited children or grandchildren. That definitely would pay for itself pretty quickly with the kids I have anyway. There are awesome family bathrooms and breastfeeding spots.

Kid Clubhouse

Also not a regular “park” but it’s the park we go to when it’s raining and we need an indoor option. This is a fun play cafe in Springboro (they’re also opening one in Mason soon) where you can buy drinks and snacks in addition to having your kids play on a huge playground complete with tunnels, slides, and a separate toddler-specific area. I love the nursing room and family bathrooms with seats that kiddos can use.

Shoup Park

This is a fun, totally free outdoor park. Bring some wax paper so your child can zip down the super-long slide. There’s a zipline featured here and a new play set for younger children. There’s a porta-potty nearby.

Irelan Park

This is a favorite because our daycare is nearby over there. My kids love the greenspace and rolling down the hills or blowing on dandelion seeds. There’s a big slide and some play structures for older kids. A smaller slide and climbing area caters to younger kids or toddlers. There is a porta-potty at the park.

Owen’s Place

This is a unique, accessible playground for all ages and ability levels. My kids love grabbing a big cardboard box and sliding down the hill covered in putting green material. There’s a huge wheelchair-accessible ramp leading up to a fun treehouse. There are various musical instruments around the paths for kids to explore. There is a really nice bathroom facility there.

Grangeview Acres Park

For those of us that like the things from Shoup Park, such as the zipline but want a more secluded park, journey out to Grangeview Acres, which is situated in the middle of a neighborhood. The shaded playground offers climbing structures for older kids and a fun mini set for toddlers. My kids love the double swing. There isn’t a bathroom, so you might have to get creative depending on which type of kid you have.

Orchardly Park

If you like a big sandbox, this is a good option in scenic Oakwood. My kids found plenty to climb on. This one is hard to describe because of the various creative playground features, such as a spiderweb you can climb on and some spinning wheels around. There’s a nice bathroom available as well. It’s certainly worth checking out!

Orchardly Park in Oakwood

Forest Field Park

There are some features here that you won’t find in any other park. My kids love the big sandbox here as well. There are nature paths all over for your kids to explore as well as a bee hive that the park maintains. My daughter loved the spinning globe that children can climb on. Your budding musician can play music on the various xylophone and drum structures.

Iron Horse Park

This is a beautiful park with a train structure where kids can use their imagination. I love the main playground because there are interesting features, such as one a child can step on that’ll take them down to the ground and back up. They enjoy the spinny carousel-type structure as well.

Kennedy Park and Splash Pad

Super cool playground area with a splash pad next to it. Sometimes we will splash a bit, change, and then walk to the other side and play. Some days, my 2-year-old loved the splash pad and some days, he hated it so this provided him with options no matter how moody he felt. There are bathrooms there.

North Park

This neat spot in Springboro caters to a variety of interests. There are many exercise machines and structures to use. I was in a stroller mom workout group and we worked out under the awning in the park. North Park hosts summer concerts and food trucks as well. The main playground works well for toddlers and elementary school students. There’s an interesting huge tire swing.

Hobson Freedom Park

This park in Fairborn is great for the climbers among us. Each structure has an interesting variation. The bathrooms also serve as a big draw in my opinion. One family had a picnic next door to the playground. My kids loved the extra green space. There is actually outdoor workout equipment for adults as well if you want to run and get a workout in while your kids play.

Hobson Freedom Park in Fairborn