Rainy Day Activities


Rain, rain, go away… and well you know the rest of that song. We are in the “April showers bring May flowers” weather.

Having kids during the rainy weather can be a pain but maybe we can put a positive spin on the dreary days. So just how can you occupy those mess makers when the floodgates open?


Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? You can use items that you already have lying around the house and a series of clues that lead to a treasure. You can make the clues yourself or visit Etsy and find some that are already made up.

Foam Sheet Collage

Cut up some foam sheets (grab these at the dollar store) into different shapes, and then spray your windows (or glass doors) with water and let the kids make their beautiful collages and patterns.

Make Cloud Dough

Kids love Play-Doh so why not make some nontoxic dough? Use 1/2 cup lotion, 1 cup cornstarch, and 2 drops of any color food coloring (you may need to add more lotion or cornstarch to get the right consistency). Store in an airtight container to help it last.


We all know that most kids always want to help in the kitchen. Bake some items and let them participate – crack the eggs, let them stir, and add toppings. You can even get creative and do a bake-off between the kids and you.

Indoor Picnic

Grab a big blanket and lay it out, fill up some plates/bowels with finger foods and join in on the fun with them. Turn the inside into a magical outdoor experience by going the extra mile and making an indoor fort/tent.

The opportunities for fun are endless, allowing you to turn a rainy day into a fantastic day. Drop your favorite rainy day activity in the comments.


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