Staying Cool in the Summer Heat


Summer is fast approaching and that means sun, sun, and more sun! But it also means hot days ahead. With a mild winter, I fear our A/C is going to be working overtime. So I find myself looking back to what we did last year and planning the ways we can stay cool this year. What follows is my list of ways to keep us cool while playing in the summer heat:

  1. A Water Table – These things are great! We got one for our son last year and he loves it! He even started climbing in it and sat there while playing…it was his own mini pool. A year later, I don’t think it will hold him, but I’m sure he will try anyway!
  2. Sprinkler – You can’t go wrong with good ‘ol fashioned fun in a sprinkler. Last year Logan had so much fun with it, I’m excited to see how he likes it this year being a year older.
  3. Water Slide – We got a swing set last year and had water running down the slide. He loves going down the slide and thought the added water was so funny.
  4. Water Park – We loved going to the Kettering water park. It’s not too badly priced even for those of us outside of Kettering limits and it’s a fun day in the sun and guarantees a sleepy kid by the end of the day.
  5. YMCA – We joined this year and I plan to go to their indoor pool whenever we need a break from the sun and heat.
  6. Water Balloons – I want to try water balloons this year with our son. I cannot accurately express in words the love he has for balloons. Out of all the toys he has, balloons are at the top of the list.

Well, that’s my list! I hope it helps you out when you and your family are basking in the summer sun looking for ways to keep cool. What do you do to entertain your kids during the summer heat?

And don’t forget this great resource on local splash playgrounds in the Dayton area!

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