Is Three So Terrible?


March is a big month for us; we have two birthdays just days apart from each other. My son’s and mine. I can’t believe he will be 3 and I will be 21…plus 12. It’s been an amazing 3 years and yet, crazy all at the same time. He has accomplished, discovered, and grown so much in such a short time it makes my heart soar and ache…which I didn’t know was possible. I feel like each moment passes by so quickly that sometimes it’s hard to catch a breath. I try to relish in these moments and store it as a core memory that will never be forgotten (which I will forever think of as little colorful globes from Inside Out).

However, there is a stigma with the age 3. All too often I hear, “Oh you think ‘terrible twos are bad, just wait until he’s three.” Why? I don’t wish to pass by a whole year to get to 4 just to skip this supposedly rough year. I’m having a hard enough time accepting he will be 3. In my short time as a parent, each age day has its challenges no matter what the age. Heck…I can be challenging some days and I’m way past 3.

So why do we give other Mom’s that stigma of an age before they can even experience it for themselves?

I had to get that phrase out of my head because I found myself waiting, and dreading, for that stigma to come true. That’s not fair to my son, or myself. It deprives us of moments that are good and fun and puts me in the mindset to focus on the “bad” ones. I don’t want those in my core memory.

So, as his birthday quickly approaches, I am ready to embrace 3 and all that comes with it; even though that means it officially makes him a toddler and each passing day we are losing those squeezable baby cheeks. I am proud of him and all that he continues to do every day.

My message to all moms is to stop the “terrible…..” phrase and embrace every day, age, and challenge; and keep as many core memories as you can.

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