Big Boy Room


This past weekend we did some rearranging and winter cleaning in our house. While we were cleaning, we also switched a couple of rooms…our office and Logan’s room. Logan was upgraded to the big boy room and he was very excited.

Before we could move things around, painting needed to happen. Okay, I should correct that. It wasn’t really needed, but I have an HGTV and DIY addiction, so whenever I am able to jump in and improve/change something in our home, I’m on it.

Once the paint was done, it was time to get moving. What I thought would be an easy move, was indeed the opposite. First, moving two rooms was starting to feel like we were actually moving. I almost prefer the packing and actual moving…almost. All-in-all it took about 2 hours and a lot of heavy lifting, but we got it done.

Where was our little man you may ask? Well, he was there, but pre-occupied with “Mickey Mouse Club House”. After a couple of those episodes, he got curious and came out of our room to see his crib dismantled and a maze in the hallway to find us. He was quite excited once he saw his books in the larger room and wanted to help move his other belongings in there as well. I was prepared for him to be a bit confused and maybe not sleep as well in there, but he’s had no trouble at all with the transition. However, I struggled and am still struggling a bit.

Seems silly right? It’s not like we were moving out of the house, but yet, I still teared up and was emotional during the entire move. This was the first room he had ever known. The room we brought him home in. The place where I spent many hours in his rocker feeding him and reading him books. The room where we sat and played and folded laundry together. The room where we started taking his height measurements. This was THE room where it all happened.  

The biggest tearjerker though, was that dose of reality; he’s growing up. That is one thing I find I am really struggling with as we have less than two months until he turns 2. T.W.O. I can’t believe that. Where did the time go? Everyday he loses some of his baby face and does something amazing to show his independence. It’s so fun watching him grow and learn, but at the same time, I’m not ready for a 2 year old – an official toddler. This move to the big boy room just shined a bright big spotlight on that fact, and I cried like a baby.

The small saving grace to it all is now I get to work in a room that is full of all those great memories. It just doesn’t change the fact that time is moving at warp speed, which would’ve been helpful when moving the rooms. But before I know it, we’ll be transitioning him to a big boy bed to go in his big boy room. Cue the water works.

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