Jerk Chicken Nachos: Our Family Favorite


Hosting a party and not sure what to make? Or need a quick meal? Try nachos!

Not just any nachos, but jerk chicken nachos. The jerk seasoning has quickly become one of my favorites and I find myself using it not only for this recipe, but for just about all my meat seasonings. Putting it on steak is my favorite. It has just enough of a kick with great flavor. The seasoning I use is from Pampered Chef (Jamaican Jerk Rub), but I have found Caribbean Jerk seasoning at my local grocery store that has a very similar flavor.

Back to the nachos! This is a quick (under 30 minutes) meal that we often have on weeknights, but it’s a great appetizer/snack for big parties, like a birthday party. Even our son loves this. In the summer, I make this probably about every other week… It’s. That. Good.

This goes great with a light beer (I love Summer Shandy) or cider.

Ready to try it yourself? Click HERE for the recipe!

There are a couple of things I do differently than what the recipe calls for.

  1. I layer the nachos. My husband had this great idea so that every chip is filled with the decadent toppings.
  2. Instead of a lime, I use lime juice from a bottle.
  3. I shred my chicken in the food processor to save time. I have also used my hand mixer. The food processor gives you a really fine small shred and the hand mixer is a thicker shred.
  4. I have used cooked chicken in a can – not terrible, but not my favorite.
  5. When they are done cooking, I turn off the oven and leave them in there for another 5 or so minutes to get the chips extra crunchy.
  6. I sprinkle some extra Jerk seasoning on top – I seriously can’t get enough!
  7. Use hot sauce as a topping if you like a kick in flavor.

Let me know the verdict on this recipe and your family or friends reaction. What nacho recipes do you love?



  1. I never think to make nachos, but after this post – guess what’s in my meal plan this week?! Thanks for the inspiration!

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