Holiday Management: Let’s Make It Kid-Friendly


Can you believe that we have already reached that time of year? Yes, we are now entering the holiday season! Buckle up, from now until the first of the year is about to fly past in the blink of an eye.

Christmas is rapidly approaching, and I am already finding my family’s calendar jammed-packed.


If you are a busy mom like me, you are probably wondering how you will fit everything into your upcoming weeks and how the kids will cope with the changes. The thing is this: we need to remember to focus on the kids, what they can manage, and their limitations. Below are a few helpful reminders/tips to ease that holiday tension.

Set the preface before any event.

Kids have bedtimes (even if there is not a set time, their internal clocks just know) and come home after an already long day at school (or daycare or maybe just a long day engaging at home) and must do their homework, whatever activities they may be in, and trying to find some time to relax. The holidays bring extra festivities to their already-filled plates. Before an outing, discuss what the time frame is that you will be staying at the event. Do not let your kids reach their breaking point just to appease a situation.

Discuss the schedule changes.

Holidays always bring on a shift in schedules. Even if it does not have an impact on us, it is affecting their tiny bodies. Schedule changes can upset the balance for some kids (let’s be real, adults, too), and talking to them about expectations prior can help avoid potential meltdowns.

Make memories.

This is a MUST! I promise you that your kids will look back and talk about all the fun things they got to do. Even now as an adult, I remember all the holiday shows, lights, baking, and endless family time that I had. Something as simple as loading up in the car and driving them past all the lit-up houses can be a blast. My family loves to go and get some hot chocolate and donuts and drive to the houses that play music with their lights and just sit and watch. Not a light person? Try baking some holiday cookies with the kids! Let them make that mess in your kitchen.

Give yourself some grace.

Do not stress, Mama! Everyone’s version of the “perfect” holiday is vastly different. Do not worry yourself trying to make others happy, you know what is best for your family. Just remember that anything you do will be perfect for your kids. They will remember all the good times, not the chaos.

From my family to all of yours, Happy Holidays!


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