Gobble Down Thanksgiving Hacks and Hijinks {Festive Family Fun}


Staying home for Thanksgiving? Visiting friends or family? Here are some festive ideas/links to keep your little turkeys cooperating and having an amazing time this Thursday.


It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.

The TV game show, “Minute to Win It,” has long been off regular prime-time television, but it lives on through YouTube and the Game Show Network. The challenges are short, entertaining, and competitive, and usually bring into play items you have around the house or in a toy box. Google examples or make up your own! Teamwork and games are a good recipe for Thanksgiving fun.

Can’t help fowling in love. 

I am a lover of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Yes, it may appear lengthy and there’s always mass marketing in lieu of the holiday season, but it feels nostalgic and globally communal. Learn more parade facts here!

Try every chick in the book.

Storytime will carry more meaning on this day. Look around and see what you have, stream/download a text, or go old-school and check out a book from the library! First, I recommend Googling “multi-cultural Thanksgiving picture books.” You should run across age-appropriate titles that focus on how different societies contributed to our contemporary traditions. “Arthur’s Thanksgiving” by Marc Brown is a personal favorite. I wonder if Arthur ever met Charlie Brown? I think they would have a lot in common.

Strut your stuff.

Music and dancing can be an outlet to release energy. Some folk classics and preschool rhymes perpetuate stereotypes, so instead try “As I Came Over Yonder Hill” (referred to as The Turkey Song) originally by Asher E. Treat in 1938. There are also 10 Little Turkeys if you’d like to add some math to your day. You can find several versions with and without lyrics and motions that might get the kids up dancing on their feet, while the grandparents are tapping theirs!

Feast your eyes on this.

Nowadays, it’s more acceptable for creative kids and families to design their own table coverings. Not only does it help kids stay occupied and away from things (stove, kitchen, you…) but it also provides personality to a hearty table spread. You can find table covers to draw on or color at various retail stores.

Let’s just wing it.

Power goes out? Turkey deflates? Or you’re just not feeling the cooking vibe this year? EAT OUT! ORDER IN! I’ve done this more than once and it’s always pleasantly refreshing! Check out local dining options or national chains for menus/reservations.

Inside scoop.

If working to align food with fall color themes, try orange sherbet for a dessert option. So what if it’s November? Break out the ice cream cones or eat from a bowl. It doesn’t have to be warm weather to enjoy this savory, icy treat. Ramp up the artistry by using Nutter Butter cookies or candy corn to add on a turkey tail. Easy and oven-free!

Nest generation.

Pull out old picture albums, view home movies on whatever media you have available (VHS/VCR, anyone?), or watch Thanksgiving-themed flicks after the big meal. There are a lot of ways to reminisce and build new memories by reflecting on the past. Plus, bonding over movies may amount to a lot more than just “passing the time.”


No matter how many times you do it, how old you are, or how young you are, a simple go around the room telling one thing you are thankful for never loses its significance and seems more timely than ever.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!