Cheryl Brackemyre

Cheryl Brackemyre
Hey local mommas! I grew up in Centerville, but I now live in Wilmington with my husband Tony. Together we have 6 kids, Joe, and his wife Allison, Austin, and his wife Hannah, Sydney and her husband Hayden, Andrew and his wife Lauren and our littles, Max and Eli. Did I mention we are a little nuts starting over with this parenting thing when we are 45+? We are officially adding new titles to our names in 2022- Tiki and Jeep (our version of Grandma and Grandpa). My husband and I are both ministers, and we get to work together in a local church. We were both married before and brought our families together in 2010. After a few years of marriage we felt God's leading for us to adopt. We added Max to our family in 2014 and Eli joined us in 2017, our quiver is officially full! Blending our family has been an adventure! Add some ex-spouses and two birth mommas and we have ourselves a crazy crew! Coffee is my love language. The beach is my happy place and I long to have my toes in the sand. I love being part of the team at Dayton Mom Collective.

One of the Boys {Reflections of a Blended Family}

We have a blended family. Just a week ago, I was talking with my husband and he said in conversation, "One of our boys did this one time." I stopped and got pretty emotional thinking about...

Sporting the Stanley {Longtime Fan of the Brand}

I did it - being very cheap and bargain hunter-minded - and bought a Stanley. I'm not a jump-on-the-bandwagon type of gal. I have a thermos from the same brand that got me through many...

Parenting Like a Police Officer

Our second batch of kiddos has been a challenge since day one and has caused us to learn new and better ways to parent them with their set of challenges and ways we need...

Sweet Words

I recently ran into a family that I had known for decades. We had a sweet relationship back then; our families would share meals, worship at church together, and serve together. I had such...

She Was Lying On the Floor With Him {A School’s Unsung Heroes}

I'm a substitute teacher. I secretly always wanted to be a school teacher. I played it every single time I played school when I was a little girl. God led me down a different path, and...

The Snuggle is Real {Making Time for the Fleeting Moments}

Mornings are always a struggle in our house. No matter how much we prepare the night before or how early we get up, the struggle is real. Our littles wake up, and all bets are...

I Open My Mouth and My Mother Comes Out

I am nearing the anniversary of my mother's death.  She has been gone 6 years and the grief does not get easier, just different. I miss her every day and wish for one more afternoon...

Mim’s Dishes {Cherishing Holiday Heirlooms}

I never met Mim. I DO know that had I met her, I would have loved her. I have heard so many things about how she loved my daughter-in-law so well. Mim was her...

The Tablecloth {Holiday Celebrations in Perspective}

Holidays are always a joy-filled time with family. So much fun, so much food, and so much turmoil. I always have struggled with where to go each year and what family to celebrate what...

Memories on Repeat {Golden Birthday Celebrations}

When my son turned 12 on May 12, 2012, we celebrated it, goldenly. Do you know about the golden birthday? When you turn the age that is the number your birthday falls on it is called...

Alright, Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Vanilla Ice and parenting seems like an unlikely pair. Yet "Ice Ice Baby" plays in my head every time I ask my 9-year-old a question and it seems I have to wait forever for him...

My Baby Is a Kindergartener

I just dropped my baby off at kindergarten and fought back the tears. He's the baby, the youngest of 6, and, YES, he is the last and the baby of a very big family. I...

Backyard to Table

I planted a garden this spring. I set up a greenhouse and filled every container with dirt and started my garden. I bought seeds and my "Backyard to Table" journey began. I've tried this before and...

Dear God, Please Save Max {A Near Drowning Event}

Dear God, please save Max. These words were on repeat as I walked around and around his lifeless body. I felt like I was echoing it in my head, but in reality, I was shouting...