Memories on Repeat {Golden Birthday Celebrations}


When my son turned 12 on May 12, 2012, we celebrated it, goldenly.

Do you know about the golden birthday?


When you turn the age that is the number your birthday falls on it is called your golden birthday, so naturally, when I found this out as a mom, we implemented it.

He had the best Nerf party complete with family and friends and golden darts. It lasted for hours and by far is one of the best memories of his life. He has talked about it over the last decade and made reference to it many times.

Eleven years after his own golden birthday, he came to me and asked if he could do something that he has wanted to do for a long time.

His younger brother was about to turn 10 in a few months and he asked if he could run a Nerf party to celebrate his birthday.

Memories on repeat.

I was elated because I was now 11 years older and much grayer, so this was a gift to have one son make the same memory for his brother.

A few weekends ago, we celebrated our now 10-year-old with THE most epic Nerf party that Mound Road has ever seen. As I sat in a comfy adirondack chair and watched as the boys annihilated each other with the colorful darts, I was feeling all those feels.

Such a special relationship between two brothers of another mother. When God put our family together, he put two broken people, a gaggle of kids, and sprinkled in two little boys who have shaped the way we do life and see things. We are truly blessed.

One brother put on an amazing party for his little brother and made the same memory for him, one more brother to go and he has already started making his invite list.

Those special memories… repeat them.

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Cheryl Brackemyre
Hey local mommas! I grew up in Centerville, but I now live in Wilmington with my husband Tony. Together we have 6 kids, Joe, and his wife Allison, Austin, and his wife Hannah, Sydney and her husband Hayden, Andrew and his wife Lauren and our littles, Max and Eli. Did I mention we are a little nuts starting over with this parenting thing when we are 45+? We are officially adding new titles to our names in 2022- Tiki and Jeep (our version of Grandma and Grandpa). My husband and I are both ministers, and we get to work together in a local church. We were both married before and brought our families together in 2010. After a few years of marriage we felt God's leading for us to adopt. We added Max to our family in 2014 and Eli joined us in 2017, our quiver is officially full! Blending our family has been an adventure! Add some ex-spouses and two birth mommas and we have ourselves a crazy crew! Coffee is my love language. The beach is my happy place and I long to have my toes in the sand. I love being part of the team at Dayton Mom Collective.