Young Entrepreneurs {Tips for Selling at a Vendor Fair}


A Kid’s Market is a vendor fair for kids to sell their items. A year after signing my kids up for their first, I want to share some tips we’ve learned.


Finding Events

Sometimes it becomes a “next time” situation when you see an event and it’s too late to participate in. Make a note of it (screenshot, calendar notation, etc.) and find out when to apply for the future

Ask and the door might open. Some events are organized as kid events, but sometimes kids can still vend at others. Go in with the attitude “it doesn’t hurt,” and you might be surprised.

There is a season for everything, and for markets, it’s primarily Summer Farmers Markets and Fall Holiday Bazaars. Don’t over-commit, but play around with what event (or events) might be a good fit.


Read the contract. Do you provide your own table and chairs? How big is the space? Inside or out? Figure out what you can borrow or need to acquire.

Think money logistics. Bring enough change and prepare if going digital. 

Make clear signage for the patrons and one in the back to be referenced. 

More Tips

Add height when possible. Go thrifting for pieces and scavenge your cupboards for ways to elevate the display.

Be at the table. Yes, it’s okay to look around, but especially for a kid event, the kid present sells it. Try and have snacks and small things to do during slower times.

Go in with a proud mindset. Being at a vendor fair can hold lots of feelings. Just going through with one is a big deal and should be celebrated, regardless of monetary success.

Wishing you all a fun time! 


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