Traditions to Welcome a New Baby


Baby number 3 is on the way! As nesting season is upon our household (thanks to yours truly), I’ve been making both mental and physical checklists. One of our checklists includes a few more traditional ways we’ve greeted a new life into our family.


Purchase Swaddle Blanket

Like most mamas out there, I have a few favorites I swear by. Copper Pearl swaddle blankets are easily at the top of my list. Each of our kiddos gets their own swaddle and now hat. This baby will get a bonnet rather than a hat and I can’t wait to put their little noggin in it. Most swaddles like this are just stretchy enough, very smooth and come in a multitude of patterns.

Make a Baby Blanket

This tradition has only improved over the years! My first blanket, even though I made it with the yarn that already has loops in it, has a few gaps and holes. For my second baby, I crocheted a blanket, but it was so tight that it ended up making more of a mat than a blanket. Finally, I’ve gotten better at crocheting and found my favorite stitch. This baby’s blanket will be used as a blanket and is made with no errors! Third time is a charm.

Their Own Stuffy

Each baby gets a stuffed animal. We have purchased these from Cuddle and Kind. I like to take the cute monthly photos, and their stuffed friend acts as their size comparison from month to month.

A Gift to Give

Technically we only started this with our last baby. The idea is that the baby gives their older sibling a gift. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but we used it to bridge a gap when our oldest went from only child to big sister. She was not very interested in the new baby but was thankful for the gift the baby gave her and can still tell you who got it for her.

Going Home Outfit

This gets a little tricky when you don’t find out the sex of the baby before they’re born. Thankfully Carter’s always seems to have plenty of gender neutral designs. Our going home outfit has always been a sleeper of some sort and I like to keep it in their closet as they grow up. That way, I can look at how big they’ve gotten (insert happy crying face).

Stock Up on Pacifiers

Okay, I guess this isn’t much of a tradition, but it falls on the checklist, too. I love MAM pacifiers, and so far my other kids have, too. But just in case, I grab a few other options and look at the new designs.

What ways do you welcome a new baby into your family? We would love to hear your traditions.


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