Resolving Tantrums


Every kid experiences temper tantrums at some point in time (adults, too). So just how do you help to de-escalate the fits when they happen? While many moms have their own methods, I will take a quick dive into some things that I have discovered work best for me and my family.

I am sure every mom has been out at a store when the dreaded moment arises and you see your kid’s body language start to shift, the tears welling up in their eyes, and cue the shrill screams. The stares from the other shoppers who want to insert opinions and do everything but help. In those moments, I know that I just want to cave to whatever demand my child wants just so I can swiftly maneuver through the store (and simultaneously enjoy my Starbucks).


In the moment, it is easy to get flustered with your child(ren) and want to snap back. The truth is that practicing patience is key. Here are a few simple tips that may help when a tantrum is on the horizon.

Receive Them

It never helps to tell anyone to stop crying while they are actually crying. The only thing being accomplished with that statement is more crying. I do not want to say just sit back and enjoy but maybe a better wording would be just sit back and take a deep breath.

Make Them Feel Seen and Heard

This is a key component; kids want to know that they have your attention. “I see that you have big feelings about leaving the park.”

Validate the Emotion/Feeling

“Park time is fun so I completely understand why you are upset.”

Redirect Attention

If you are struggling to keep your composure, try diverting your young one’s attention. Simply guiding them away from whatever action is making them feel such strong emotions can help them shift gears.

Also, if all else fails – bribery (totally kidding, although I think most of us can admit we have done that). We can only parent to the best of our abilities during tantrums, so everyone is not going to do the same. If any of you have any helpful tips, please feel free to share!



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