10 Things NOT to Give to a Mom on Valentine’s Day


Love is in the air this month for our littles and us moms alike! While it can be easy to pick out gifts for the moms and other galentines in your life (think chocolate, coffee, self-care products, comfy sweats, etc.), here’s a list of what they DON’T want this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Valentine's DaySlime frozen to the inside of her car.
  2. Foaming hand soap delightfully sprinkled on the couch (does this count as a fabric refresher?).
  3. Red Pop-Tarts inside the couch.
  4. A heart-shaped cookie with a toddler-shaped bite taken out of it.
  5. A Valentine’s Day craft with a bunch of wet paint all over it (Wait until it dries, jeez!).
  6. A preschooler covered in wet paint from said craft project that went on until pick-up time.
  7. Sugary, boogery kids fresh from a Valentine’s Day class party.
  8. Approximately 52 paper Valentines with a gazillion little tiny stickers and temporary tattoos that get stuck on all surfaces of the house.
  9. Pink sprinkles for our cookies that somehow end up on the bathroom floor.
  10. Another WET hug…