Never Have I Ever {Parent Edition}


Before I became a parent, I would always hear others say, “Well, my kids would never…” I tried my best to refrain from saying it myself because I wasn’t a parent; I didn’t know what my kid might or might not do. I had heard the stories of the wrong colored sippy cup causing a meltdown, cutting up their food the wrong way (I mean, how dare you do such a thing!), or misunderstanding their less-than-perfect speech can lead to frustration of epic proportions.

I tried so hard to never say “never” and yet I am still shocked at some of the things I have done to keep the peace, pick my battles or just survive the day.


Parenting is hard. Some days are survival mode. Other days are magically wonderful. Some days are full of learning and amazing experiences. Other days are full of chicken nuggets for every meal. Most days are full of moments that surprise me and have me thinking, “I never thought I would…” and yet here are things I definitely have done.

  • Never have I ever used my car’s vents to cool down french fries.
  • Never have I ever decided the “five-second rule” was good enough for picking up food off the ground and letting my daughter still eat it (food prices are crazy these days!).
  • Never have I ever let my daughter watch too much screen time because some days I just need a break.
  • Never have I ever told my daughter “no” and then five minutes later changed my mind because it just wasn’t worth the tears or power struggle.

But also…

  • Never have I ever been so in love with another person.
  • Never have I ever loved watching her grow and learn new things.
  • Never have I ever realized being a mom is the best thing I have ever done.

I will raise a drink to all of these things because never have I ever been happier than as a Mom.