New Halloween Lyrics to a Favorite Spooky Song


I’m not sure if you have heard the “Spooky, Scary Skeletons” song by Andrew Gold. It’s a Halloween classic for sure. It’s one that my kids have listened to, to the point of singing it before they could really sing words. They add some interesting things to it. I wrote my own lyrics to this favorite spooky song for your Halloween enjoyment.

favorite spooky song

Sugary boogary skeletons
Eating all things orange
Covered in chocolate and glitter
To mess up your house tonight

Shrieking hyperactive skeletons
Jumping on your couch
Fighting over candy bags
And throwing pixie sticks

I asked what you wanted to wear when we were at the store
Bought you Elsa and Olaf, but now they’re on the floor

Tired cranky skeletons
Running around the street
Asking cute old ladies for
Another sugary treat

Pumpkins look the other way
While you eat another bar
Maybe we should just go home
Before you throw up in the car

Happy, silly skeletons
Ask if tomorrow is Halloween
Can we do this every day
We love you and this is our favorite thing

Hope you enjoyed these new lyrics to one of our favorite spooky songs for Halloween time! Let us know what lyrics you and your own kids come up with by sharing in the comments below!!!