Treasured Toilet Paper Tubes {Four Ways to Reuse Them}


Someone in your house finishes using the last of the toilet paper and they actually remember to put a new roll out; you are thrilled they didn’t just set it on top. Yeah, it’s great if my husband remembers to do this, but I also hope that he doesn’t throw the cardboard tube away… why?

Because there are so many wonderfully creative things you can do with them!


It’s a waste to simply toss them in the trash. So as my husband rolls his eyes, he sets the brown cardboard tube on the counter for me to add to my stash because you really can never have too many toilet paper tubes. My husband’s trash has become my treasure because I figure I can never have too many of these on hand. Here are some great uses for those toilet paper tubes.

Vase Filler

When creating great centerpieces for your next holiday gathering or dinner party, you can use less vase filler if you put a toilet paper tube inside the vase first. Then, you can simply add your shiny gems, small beads, or ornaments around the tube, hiding it and still having a stunning centerpiece that everyone will love, but you can save a few bucks and buy fewer sparkly gemstones!

Marble Run

Cut the tubes lengthwise in half and then attach them to the wall with painter’s tape. This creates tracks that marbles or pom poms can travel on as little hands race to see which ones go faster. You can also tape the tubes, uncut, vertically to make simple drop chutes for younger children to explore as they watch pom poms collect at the bottom. Older kids can enjoy a fun physics lesson as they experiment with moving the pieces around to create different paths for the marbles to travel and see what the perfect angle is for the marbles to drop just right.

Ring Stamps

Cut a toilet paper tube into several pieces and use them as stamps to make circles. Squirt some paint on a paper plate and let your child stamp circles until their heart’s content. You can also cut them into circles and then pinch them together to make other shapes such as a flower. Or you can cut slits along the edge and fan out the “petals” to create a fun flower or fireworks stamp.

Gift Card Holder

Needing to give a gift card but don’t want to just stick it in a card? Slide the gift card inside the toilet paper tube and then squeeze the edges of the tube and push the sides inward to create a nice gift card holder that can be decorated or wrapped.

So, the next time you finish the toilet paper, pause before you toss that boring-looking brown tube. Stash it in the craft closet instead.