Less Treats for my Sweets {Ideas for a Less Sugary Halloween}


I have three young kiddos, and this Halloween I have a few unsolicited ideas for those trick or treat bags. No, I don’t want to be that house that gives out apples, toothbrushes, or even worse… raisins.

But I do want to be a little bit more thoughtful about giving out less sugary treats.


And if your kids are a bit older, they can probably handle a sugar rush a heck of a lot better than my toddlers can. Red dye does something to them. Last Valentine’s Day, I put red heart sprinkles on their toast and they went ballistic afterwards. It was like watching the raptor scene from the original Jurassic Park movie. 

Hear me out this Halloween. They already have handfuls of Sour Patch Kids, Skittles, Reese’s and a full size KitKat bar in their treat bags. So, here are a few fun things that won’t end up in their Halloween trade pile and won’t land you on the most unlikable neighbors list. 

Glow sticks – If I have learned anything during this pandemic, it’s that glow sticks solve just about anything. Except, COVID itself. 

Crazy straws – Because you need something to drink with when having a breakfast of fun size bags of M&M’s. 

Stickers or Band-aids – If I ever need to buy myself five minutes away from my children, I give them a box of Baby Shark Band-aids and let them go wild. Works every time. 

Googly eyeballs, plastic spiders, and vampire teeth – Is it even Halloween if a few of these don’t spill out of your trick-or-treat pumpkin? 

Bottled waters – I know this sounds lame, but trick-or-treating is hard work! Keeping our little ghosts and goblins hydrated during their marathon night around the neighborhood is important! And it won’t go unappreciated. 

Whether you give out Skittles or stickers this trick-or-treat night, I know we are all thrilled to be getting back to a life a little bit more normal! Happy Halloween!