Christmas DIY Gifts {Get Your Craft on This Holiday Season}


Tis’ the season to be jolly, and preferably, not in debt. With the uncertainties of Covid and how hectic things are right now, is this not the perfect time to spread some Christmas cheer with some gifts from the heart?!


Here are a few of my top gift ideas for those who desire some DIY (many of these items can apply to any particular holiday that your family celebrates this holiday season):

Bake something

Nothing says I love and appreciate you like a beautiful Christmas container filled with some made-from-scratch goodies. There are so many kits in stores now that you can quickly gather everything you need. Many stores also sell pretty Christmas containers or canisters for a buck! Have the children help you in the kitchen to add to the made-from-scratch madness, uh love I mean. Being mindful of good hygiene in this Covid era as you bake (so maybe have the child with a runny nose sit this one out), this is also an item that can be dropped off for social distancing.


Ornaments are a big go-to in my family. I go to a dollar store, pick up the globe ornaments for a buck, snap a photo of the kiddos, place them in the globe, and fill them with fake snow and other crafting supplies. Many craft stores have little Christmas items that can be placed in the globes. These make perfect keepsakes and gifts for loved ones. If you do not want to spend a lot of time gathering supplies, there are several ready-to-assemble craft ornament kits that typically contain about six ornaments per kit. These are easy to have your children assemble and decorate as they wish. Perfect and inexpensive gifts made from the heart!

Front porch surprise

Do you have a loved one who is staying in to keep themselves safe? There are still ways you can express your love and appreciation this holiday season even if you cannot physically spend time together. Decorating someone’s front porch makes for a wonderful Christmas surprise. A few strands of lights and a Christmas or holiday figurine can go a long way.

Dress up as Santa or a holiday character

Have someone fun in the family dress up and make rounds to houses as Santa or another popular holiday character! Imagine a child’s face as Frosty the Snowman is waving in their front yard or if Santa is saying hello from the front door. Disclaimer: Maybe call before you arrive, avoid any scare!

Drive-by lights

This holiday season offers many opportunities for doing activities via the warm car. So pack up some hot cocoa, treats, and go for a car ride to look at lights. Many communities are having contests this time of year so you have ample opportunities for free viewings. Some places have drive-thru lights for small donations. There are many options here, so pop on that Christmas music and go for a drive. The gift of experience and time together. Truly priceless.


When all else fails and you need a good, meaningful, and often quick gift idea, you cannot go wrong with making a gift with photos. Whether printing a beautiful canvas capturing a favorite memory, making a photo book, or making some home decor, photos can add that personal touch and will be cherished for a long time to come.

Do you have any DIY Christmas/holiday gift ideas? Share them with us! I hope everyone has a magical DIY holiday season!

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Jen Barbee-Crim
Hello there! I have been a proud Daytonian for the past ten years. My husband and I have three beautiful kids together, ages five and below so the adventures never stop. Although I am passionate about helping others as a nursing educator and nurse practitioner, my most challenging and rewarding role is being a mommy. I enjoy sharing the journey of motherhood and life with other mothers out there. I believe we all can learn from each other's experiences and work together so that no one feels alone as they navigate through the sometimes murky waters of life and motherhood. We are in this together and I look forward to sharing in this journey with you! ~Jen