The Dayton Dragons Family Club

Thank you to the Dayton Dragons for sponsoring this post and a huge thank you to Brandy for sharing more about the exciting new opportunities for families at the ballpark this season!

The Dragons Family ClubWe’re always looking for new things to do as a family, especially in the summer when the kids are all home. We need time out of our house without breaking the bank. We are truly lucky in the Miami Valley to have so many great parks, teams, and events but, one of our favorites is the Dayton Dragons. Dragons games are always a blast for the kids and a nice date night for us! I don’t know if you’ve been to downtown recently but, it’s constantly changing! There are new restaurants and hotels with great restaurants right outside of Day Air Ballpark – which we just love. We wanted to share this love affair we have with our local team with you and are joined today by Brandy Guinaugh as she shares more about the brand new Dayton Dragons Family Club!

DMC: Brandy is the Vice President and General Manager of the Dayton Dragons and has been with them for 18 years? Is that right, Brandy?
Brandy: Yes, it is! I started back in September of 2004 with the team. Time flies when you’re having fun!

DMC: It certainly does! Can you tell our moms a little about yourself?
Brandy: Sure! I was born and raised in southwest Ohio and have a lot of family in this part of the country. I love my career in sports with the Dragons but, love my role as a mom even more. We have three little girls ages seven, five, and two. They keep us very busy! There’s always a lot going but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

DMC: What is your favorite part of working with the Dragons?
Brandy: Ugh, that’s a tough one! Really everything. Of course, Dragons games. The Dragons strive to always provide a family friendly atmosphere and entertainment. Whether it’s our mascots, Heater and Gem, or the Dragons Green Team, or one of the special surprises – you never know what you’ll see at a Dragons game!

DMC: We love Dragons games! Our kids especially love the guy who throws the squishy baseballs from the roof. What’s his name again?
Brandy: That’s Roofman, our Day Air Ballpark superhero! He turns the foul balls that go on the roof into softie balls and throws them back down to our fans. We also have Atmo, Wink, and Princess Jade. My girls love Princess Jade!

Dayton Dragons Family Club
Brandy’s children at a Dragons game!

DMC: What a blast!
Brandy: It’s always so much fun! I also love our ballpark. It’s easy to get around, our staff is phenomenal and always goes above and beyond for our fans, and there’s really not a bad seat anywhere.

DMC: Yeah, we have sat all over, and the view is perfect! Now, we know the Dragons are always putting their fans first and we’ve heard that this mindset stayed true in your new Family Club. Can you tell us about it?
Brandy: Absolutely! For over 20 years, the Dragons have been all about quality-family entertainment. In the offseason, the Dragons created a custom-built ticket package specifically for families which is our new Family Club. We tried to critically think about how we could provide gifts, events, etc. to Dayton families. The Dayton Dragons Family Club has TONS of great benefits including free money, free events, and free gifts.

DMC: Wait, did you say free money?
Brandy: Yes! 10% of your package to be exact. That means if you spend $1,000 on your Dayton Dragons Family Club Season Tickets, the Dragons will give you $100. The money will be placed on a Dragons gift card to use in the Dragons Den Team Store or on concessions. That means your first trips to the concessions stands or store are on the Dragons!

DMC: Wow, that’s amazing! And the events, can you tell us more about those?
Brandy: There are three of them that are exclusive to our Family Club members. The Dragons Family Movie Night to watch a movie on the outfield, “Meet the Team”, and our Dragons Appreciation Party.

DMC: Okay so I am adding those to my calendar. Those sound like so much fun! Can you tell me about the gifts and any other benefits?
Brandy: Yes, the two free gifts are an Elly de La Cruz bobblehead and a Dragons cooler. The cooler and the bobblehead are only available for our Family Club members. Any Family Club member would also have access to our ticket exchange program. That means if you can’t make a game, no problem! We’ll exchange it for you for another day. Each month, Family Club members will also receive 20% off in the Dragons Den Team Store, pre-sale opportunities for ballpark events, VIP parking option, I mean I could go on and on.

DMC: That’s so many things, Brandy! For all that, it’s got to be expensive, right?
Brandy: Not at all! For a family of four for 8 games, it would only be $472. I can’t tell you the last time I was able to take our family of five out for only $59! The Dragons offer monthly payment plans too so, it’s very friendly to any budget. The Dragons Family Club is truly the best value for your family!

DMC: Wow! I was not expecting that. This is such a great opportunity! How would our moms sign up?
Brandy: There are three ways. You can either go to and click on the banner on our home page, email us at [email protected], or give us a call (937) 228-2287 ext. 625.

DMC: That’s easy! And the season will be here before you know it so, the sooner the better? When does the season start?
Brandy: Definitely! Baseball will be here before you know it. Dragons Opening Day is on Tuesday, April 11. All Dragons games are at Day Air Ballpark, in the heart of the Water Street District.

DMC: Brandy, thank you so much for your time and sharing with us! Looking forward to seeing you at a Dragons game this season!

To learn more about the Dayton Dragons Family Club click the logo image below! 

Dayton Dragons Family Club