Mom’s Version of Jingle Bells


Are you ready for a mom’s version of Jingle Bells? This hilarious parody of what it’s really like behind all those charming Christmas photos will have you laughing all the way!

Dashing through the mall
Trying to avoid
All the crazy stores
With all the expensive toys
Our sole purpose was
To sit on Santa’s lap,
So why did Mommy spend
A zillion dollars already, hey!

Jingle Bells, Mommy smells
Somebody pooped in the corner
Oh what fun it is to cry
In Santa’s lap today, hey!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells
“Please stop eating that!”
Tinsel isn’t a fruit roll-up, and
Is it nap time yet?

a moms version of jingle bells

Standing in the line
Waiting to see Santa
Pulling Sissy’s hair
And peeing on the tree
“Put your privates back!
Santa is looking at you.
They’ll kick us out of here!”
But nobody listens to me. Hey!

“Ho, ho, ho!” Santa says,
“Come here, girl and boy!
Sit right here on Santa’s lap
Tell me about all your favorite toys!”

Baby pulls Santa’s beard
Sticks a candy cane in his nose
Sissy sits on a plastic reindeer
Mommy yells, “Is it nap time yet?!”

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