Happy Single Parents Day {March 21}

As my divorce becomes final, the weight of being a single parent becomes very real. Unfortunately my ex and I do not have any kind of positive co-parenting relationship and I have sole custody of the children, mainly because of this fact. He has what is considered Standard Parenting Time, which nowadays is very rare but used to be the norm (hence the name).

The trauma of the divorce process is almost over. 

Single Parents Day

Now I feel as if a building collapsed and I am peeking out over the dust to see what is left. It’s a scary feeling. “All of that fighting and precious money down the drain just so I can raise these kids by myself?” When I read that March 21 was Single Parents Day, I realized I had to recognize it. 

I’ve had to be vigilant about my mental health because it’s a constant struggle, especially with the kids going through their own journey and experiences. I worry that I will never be enough for them and that they deserve better than having a single mom.

However, I realize that I have been called to this life.

Nobody could do it better and that’s why God (and more specifically, the county court) chose me. I know enough children of divorce to have experienced how they do well with a strong anchor that protects them from the conflict of a broken marriage. This is their optimal chance for success.

I realize that I loved my parents because I knew they cared. Sure, they made plenty of mistakes and didn’t provide the nicest stuff or a cushy lifestyle. We were rich in love. Just one mom trying her best is enough to provide the amount of love her children need.


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