Am I a Good Mom? {A Reality Check for Moms}


One question that I think a lot of moms ask themselves is, “Am I a good mom?” Who really decides the definition of a good mom anyways? Living in the age of social media, there is an abundance of influencers out there showcasing what seems to be their perfect house, perfect family, and perfect car.

Every time I see those posts and videos, I often wonder: How is it, that this mom is so full of energy, how is her house spotless, where does she find the time to make a huge meal, and how is there not a crumb to be seen in the car?

The immense amount of pressure that is inadvertently placed on us as moms is overwhelming.


Being a boy mom of two, a wife, working full time, and having animals, I feel like there is no time to just stop and focus on the little things. Does it really matter that there are toys spread throughout my house, or that I had to stop at McDonald’s on the way home from baseball because I didn’t have the energy to cook?

To me, I let the silly videos and posts that I see get me down and feel like I may have failed as a mom for the day. In all actuality, my kids are both thriving, my house is up and running (though it may not be deemed as perfect to some), and everyone is happy.

The picture-perfect narrative that is being pushed is not helping everyday moms.

If we could all just normalize what day-to-day life looks like and let others know that, yes, it is okay that your house isn’t spotless and your car isn’t clean, then maybe we could ease the pressure on each other. Being a good mom isn’t dictated by what outsiders see in a picture. So why is it that we strive to show what we think others want to see?

Personally, I would love to be scrolling through TikTok or Instagram and stumble upon a mom posting the everyday chaos. With all that being said, I am going to strive to show my everyday life (no filters necessary) to help ease the unnecessary expectations.


  1. Perfectly said! Agree, there is too much emphasis on glorifying the “right” things around parenthood when in reality what’s most important is a happy and loving home. A place where kids can be creative and thrive. Looking forward to your posts Brittany! Thank you for the honestly and real perspective!

  2. This is so dead on. Being a mom is such an incredible gift. But the pressures aren’t all apparent. This is beautifully written- I wish more moms posted the pictures of the chaos. It’s pure and real.

  3. Love your real perspective, so accurate and well written! Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves 🤦🏼‍♀️ Thanks for always keeping it real.

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