Celebrating Spring and Women’s History Month


I wanted to share my favorite relevant book as we encounter another beautiful intersection of early Spring and March, which is Women’s History Month. “The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes” written by Du Bose Heyward is about a capable, beautiful bunny Mommy who don’t need no man in order to become the best female Easter Bunny in history – which by the way, a female Easter Bunny is actually called an Easter Bunny.

No need to qualify that for this strong woman.


The timeless classic explains in the opening pages about how there are multiple Easter Bunnies who are endowed with magical powers to enhance their natural abilities to jump high and run far, delivering elaborate eggs and baskets to all the world’s children the night before Easter. The canonical story describes how usually the Bunnies end up being chosen from the biggest male Jackrabbits or others similar. Otherwise, they are the wisest males and each year are re-evaluated for their suitability for work by the wisest rabbit of all, Grandfather Bunny.

As a woman growing up in the rabbit patriarchy, our cute little Country Cottontail Bunny aspired to so much more than her humble station in life allotted her. She worked on her skills and told everyone one day she would achieve the coveted title of Easter Bunny. Everyone of course laughed, having never seen such a small and demure female attaining an ability to become competitive for the male-dominated role of Easter Bunny.

To her dismay, her dreams seemed further still as she found a partner at some point (I assume Baby Daddy because he is never mentioned again as assisting with childcare, etc) and had 21 babies, evidently as is pretty typical of a cute little Cottontail. She managed her house expertly, capitalizing on the unique skills of her many children, tasking each with a special job around the house that they enjoyed. As a Mom, she knew her children so well that she identified exactly what they would love to do and how they could all cooperate. When everyone worked together, the house then ran itself without any need for direction from her. I would love to get some tips because my two little bunnies have never been able to run the house for me thus far in life, and I seriously doubt that is really in the cards when they get a little older.

Having achieved the highest level of parenting, she took her children to see the annual choosing of the Easter Bunnies. Grandfather Bunny of course noticed how well-behaved her children were and saw her amazing ability to quickly chase them as needed, organize, her sharp wit and leadership capabilities, and unique loving heart that has so much to give to all 21 babies equally. To everyone’s surprise, she became the best Easter Bunny in history (no surprise to us), bringing some special skills to the table that no man ever could.

This really hits me hard in this season of life, not just in the spring.

Sometimes, as a mother, I feel like I have to put some parts of my life on hold (not forever, I’m sure) to devote my time and attention to my children. Without a spouse, lots of things I used to do get put aside in favor of the babies. Sometimes I feel like I’ll never get back to those things or I’ll lose those skills and talents for a lack of using them. This book reminds me that not only can I always get back into my goals and dreams, being a mother has provided me with experiences that make me an all-around better human. I have more patience, more love, more endurance. I still have lots of life to live and I don’t have to wait. I can live it with my children all the time, flexing my newly-discovered and celebrated Mom Skills.

I hope you can enjoy this time with your bunnies.


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