Stay at Home Ideas for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day might look a little bit different this year, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t find fun and creative ways to celebrate mom!

Here are a few ideas to help create a memorable Mother’s Day. And moms, be sure to share this link with your significant others to drop a hint or two!

Mother's Day

Time for a Break

  • Let her sleep in – get up with the kids and keep them quiet until she’s gotten some extra sleep!
  • Remove all of the “chores” from her to-do list. What is mom’s least favorite chore? Start with that one and work your way around the house tidying up & cleaning – what a gift!


  • Break out the cookbooks and put together some of mom’s favorite dishes!
  • Gather some flowers from the yard (even just some sweet little dandelions will do) and put them in a vase on the table (or on a tray if you decide to bring her breakfast in bed).
  • No time to cook? No problem! Check out this list of some of our favorite restaurants available for pick-up!
  • Don’t forget a nice warm cup of coffee!

Spa Day at Home

  • Order some bath bombs, soaps, candles and lotions online.
  • Take the kids for a nice long walk or bike ride around the neighborhood while mom retreats to a nice, warm bubble bath.
  • Make sure she has a nice fresh towel and bathrobe ready to lounge in, too!

Plan a Picnic

  • Does she really love the great outdoors? Pack up some lunch and take the family to a park, or the backyard, for a picnic!
  • Don’t let mom jump in to help – just keep it simple and just pack some easy sandwiches, snacks, and drinks that you know everyone will enjoy.

Homemade Gifts

  • No matter how old or young her children may be, mom will always cherish homemade cards!
  • Bust out some craft paper, scissors, tape, or glue and made a homemade flower bouquet – no real skill required, except maybe some patience with the kids.
  • Take that flower bouquet up one notch and give this craft a try if you happen to have some felt and buttons handy.

Gifts for the Future
Make a “gift card” booklet with things that you can do for mom in the future:

  • Family Photo Session
  • Coffee Date
  • Trip to the Salon
  • Trip alone to the store of her choice

Scavenger Hunt

  • Hide clues all around the house describing all the ways that mom is loved.
  • Let the kids help to think up some hiding places, too!
  • The “treasure” at the end of the hunt could be some of the homemade cards or crafts made with love for mom!