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As the political world began to talk more about abortion in 2022, one of the pro-choice arguments was that there is not enough support for low-income, at-risk moms after they give birth to a child who they otherwise would have aborted. This argument made Hands for Mom founder, Amanda Saliba, contemplate, “How can I help moms in my area who are in need of support?” Amanda’s first idea started with the Baby Box – a box full of goodies to help a mom with a newborn navigate the delicate period of the fourth trimester.

In October 2023, Amanda put her idea into motion by starting Hands for Mom. We are currently partnered with Catholic Social Services and Dayton Right to Life to provide Baby Boxes to the women they serve. Long term, we are excited to branch out and help moms in other ways. We want a mom to be able to come to us with any problem and for us to be able to help her with it. As a mom of three, Amanda knows just how exhausting and difficult raising children can be, and having support makes all the difference. We want to be that support for her!

Hands for Mom is currently looking for financial supporters and supply donations to help them grow beyond the Baby Box. The Baby Box costs about $60 per box to put together, and our goal this year is to provide 60 boxes to moms in need. Another goal for this year is to start a new service for moms, such as supply distributions at local homeless shelters, support groups, or special events. Additional funding will be vital in being able to provide services like those as well as the Baby Boxes.

Hands for Mom’s vision is for moms of all economic and ability levels to receive the support and care they need to provide for their children to the best of their abilities. We believe it is important for moms to feel they are loved, cared for, and supported, and we want to make sure they feel that way!

Editor’s Note :: While we do not endorse any particular political or religious views, the core of DMC’s mission is to be there for all moms from all walks of life and meet them where they are. In this spirit, we are so grateful for what Amanda and Hands for Mom is working to do for mamas around Greater Dayton!


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