The Moody Hues of September {What Colors Make You Happy?}


Fashion designer/entrepreneur Lily Pulitzer once said:

“I am a believer that color affects people’s moods.”

If you’ve ever seen any of her collections, you immediately know she wanted buyers to be in a vivid, bright mood. Along with Lily’s style psychology, there’s scientific research that connects general colors and seasonal changes to our mood. It is said that certain shades bring about optimism or confidence, while other times of the year, can emote a somber sadness. 

In my opinion, the month of September feels like the time of year when some of these feelings surface. 


There are national tragedies associated with September, shadows are growing longer, and frankly, it’s not the most lighthearted month. No offense to folks who have positive life events in September. My parents have a wedding anniversary that everyone seems to always forget about (sorry, Mom and Dad). What about Labor Day weekend, you ask? I say, “meh.” Summer is over, school is back in session, and outdoor temperatures are still too HOT to break out that rich, navy blue sweater just purchased on impulse… darn you “New Arrivals” section at Target!  

This brings me back to how seasonal colors you wear or decorate with can influence how you feel. There are many colors that early fall vibes can bring to September. Wearing a flowy top in deep indigo, a textured cardigan in burnt orange or a relaxed pair of chinos in light camel might put a little pep in your step. GemTone colors like metallic bronze, blue sapphire, and emerald green add spark to those stretched-out stretchy leggings! I don’t know about you, but I think there’s something to be said for painting a wall Ultimate Gray or nabbing a set of pillows in Illuminating Yellow. Both were the Pantone colors of 2021.  This almost 60-year-old system is a major consumerism influencer. Google it. 

In today’s social media world, there are online boutiques, thrift stores, resale sites, and local shop options that you can check out to boost your interior color mood and wardrobe.  If it’s Lily Pulitzer or Target, you look BOMB (as the kids say) in that poppy red elbow sleeve tee, Mama, even if there’s a little spit-up on it. And just like that, perhaps you’ve colored yourself into a better frame of mind.