So, Your Kid Wants a Dog? {Questions to Ask Yourself First}


So, your child is begging for a dog! While the idea of adding a dog to your family can be exciting, it’s a huge commitment that requires careful consideration. Here are some essential questions to ask yourself before deciding to bring a dog into your family.


  1. Why Exactly Does Your Child Want a Dog? Understanding your child’s motivation is crucial. Is it a temporary fascination, or has your child consistently shown a love for animals? A dog should not be a whim or a way to teach responsibility; it’s a lifelong commitment.
  2. Is Your Family Ready for a Dog? Dogs require time, attention, and care for their entire life. Assess your family’s current lifestyle. Are you able to dedicate time for walks, play, and training? Consider work schedules, children’s activities, and other commitments. A dog should fit into your family’s life, not become an afterthought.
  3. Can You Financially Afford a Dog? Owning a dog comes with recurring expenses: food, grooming, gear, vet visits, and possibly pet insurance. There are also costs like bedding, a crate, toys, and training. Ensure you’re financially prepared for both expected and unexpected costs.
  4. What Type of Dog Suits Your Family? Research different breeds and their needs. Consider size, energy level, grooming requirements, and temperament. If you’re considering a rescue dog, understand their background and any special needs they might have. The goal is to find a dog that truly matches your family’s lifestyle.
  5. Who Will Be Responsible for the Dog’s Care? While it’s great to involve kids in caring for a pet, adults should ultimately be responsible. Dogs need consistent care, and children are not always reliable. Plan who will handle feeding, walks, vet appointments, and other responsibilities.
  6. Is Anyone Allergic to Dogs? Before bringing a dog home, make sure no family member has allergies to pet dander. If you’re unsure, spend time with dogs in different settings to test for any allergic reactions.
  7. How Will a Dog Impact Your Living Situation? Consider your living environment. Do you have enough space for a dog? If you rent, are dogs allowed, and if so, are there breed restrictions? Is there a safe outdoor space for a dog to potty and play? Your living situation must be conducive to having a dog.
  8. How Will You Handle Challenges? Dogs can exhibit problem behaviors like chewing, barking, or having accidents, especially in the early stages. Are you prepared to handle these challenges patiently and with proper training?
  9. What Will You Do if Your Circumstances Change? Life can be unpredictable. Have a plan in place in case of significant life changes, such as moving or changes in family dynamics, to ensure your dog can remain a part of your family.

Bringing a dog into your family is not a decision to be made lightly. It requires a lot of thought, preparation, and commitment. By asking yourself these questions, you can better determine if your family is ready to welcome a new, fluffy family member. 


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