Fear of the Unknown {How to Make the Big Move}


My husband and I are newlyweds and have been reflecting on our lives and how to merge our goals for the future.

My husband grew up in Dayton, Ohio and has been living in Dayton most of his life. He has moved out of state a few times, but eventually settled back here in Ohio. He believes that creating a home base and somewhere for your kids to return to is essential for building long-term wealth and success.

Me, on the other hand, has lived in several different states, including South Carolina, Washington state, Michigan, Virginia, Germany, and Alaska. As a military brat, I have learned how to uproot my life and move across the world for opportunities and new experiences. My outlook on life has always been a matter of life being happy elsewhere just as happy as it is right where you are. Now that I’ve been living in Ohio for 11 years, however, I have adopted my husband’s views on life and enjoy having a place that I can call home. Unfortunately, in this modern economic environment, some cities have more opportunities that benefit your family’s career and lifestyle than others.

As a free bird turned full-time mom and employee, finding a balance between wants and needs is a daily challenge.


Some apprehension to move is mislabeled as the fear of change. I’d call it the fear of failure because of the fear of the possibility that my family will be uncomfortable/unhappy in the new city and I will regret the decision.

As a mother of an 11-year-old, it is difficult to move my son out of his childhood home but I want to show him that women can make big changes at any age. Instead of focusing on all of the things that could go wrong, we are deciding to focus on the positive and what we can take out of the experience.

Thus, to tackle this fear, we decided to move out of state for the summer and see if it’s a good fit. This way, my husband feels a sense of security and control because we will return to Ohio in the fall, while I get a sense of freedom while experiencing living in a new state.

“We stop living when we stop exploring and wanting to learn and have experiences. Curiosity is the key to youth, and hope for the future.” – TFD

Whether it’s a move to a new home or a new city, keep dreaming, moms!