Thrill Ride {Ways to Add Excitement to Your Next Car Ride}


I’m always looking for small ways to infuse more fun into our day. And simple (boring) things like car rides can use all the help they can get. Here are a few cheap thrills to enjoy on your next ride.



As much as I don’t really enjoy driving through them, roundabouts are pretty cool. I remember my own backseat joy with my parents driving around the traffic circle in Troy.

With a few roundabouts/traffic circles around the area, I don’t go out of my way. But if we’re doing them anyway, we make it a big deal and go at least all the way around. 

Parking Garages

When using parking garages, there’s usually an opportunity for a view. We don’t have to park at the tippy top to lug our family to the highest level. A free view of the city is worth a detour, with maybe some bonus exercise.

We point out landmarks we know and take in the shapes of the landscape. As the driver, I don’t get the same amount of time to enjoy the scenic views otherwise. Taking time together at the top of a parking garage is actually more fun than it may sound.


A little game we like to play in the car is how many cars will be at our destination. Visiting a playground or state park, the library or the donut shop, we get into it. We have a whole conversation about work days, time of day, season, etc. Then everyone in the car estimates how many cars will be there when we arrive. Either being waaaay off, perfectly right or just missing the mark, guessing is fun.

I hope these ideas make for a smooth ride on your next trip.