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April showers bring May flowers, but oh these gloomy days can bring me down! I love spending the day in the house making a nice soup and salad for dinner on those grey, rainy days. But if I have to get out of the house and actually be a productive human being amongst other adults on rainy days, I can get a bit gloomy myself. The wet boots, unexpected puddles and lack of sunshine can bum me out pretty quickly. If you throw in the crazy-frizzy-lions mane on top of my head, I may become dormant until May.

My children are also a bit off on those April days when they have to stay indoors and never see a bit of sun. So I decided this spring, we are going to “be the sunshine” and show kindness to others when otherwise the dreary days of April might easily get us down.

I loved using this craft in the classroom when I was teaching in an elementary school. It was a fun, easy craft for students to complete together but it also has the great benefit of teaching them how to be kind. This is easily adaptable for a fun project at home! See the steps below to create an “Umbrella of Kindness” with your kiddos!

April Showers Kindness Craft

Markers or Crayons
Construction Paper
Umbrella (optional)
String (optional)
Hole Punch (optional)

Step One:

Using the scissors and construction paper, cut out raindrops, rain boots, suns, flowers, watering cans and other spring shapes. The shapes need to be large enough to write a small note. It is up to your discretion how many shapes you need. For example, you could make a note for each day of the month.

Step Two:

Brainstorm with your children on different ways to demonstrate kindness, or how to make someone’s day a little bit brighter. Using the markers or crayons, write one idea on each shape.

Step Three:

This step is optional, but it creates a great visual for the kids! Hole punch each shape and tie a string to the shape. Tie the other end to the inside of the umbrella. If you would rather not connect the shapes to the umbrella, you can hang them on your fridge or just keep them in an easily accessible spot to pull from daily.

Step Four:

Each day, have the kids pick a shape that will help them remember a way to show kindness. Our family really enjoys sharing our kindness moments at the dinner table! It helps the kids become more aware of other’s feelings, which my kiddos still have a tendency to be a bit egocentric (totally normal for their ages!). I love that it focuses on the opportunity to consider others first every day, even if just for a moment!

Hopefully, this simple craft will brighten up some of those soaking wet days of April! Kindness can never be overdone, and you never know, this may be the only sunshine someone gets that day!

What are some examples you would use to show kindness to others? Do you have any other random acts of kindness that you do with your kids? Please share your ideas!!

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