Five Practical Pregnancy and Postpartum Tips 


Third time’s a charm, right? We are so blessed and thrilled to have welcomed our third daughter this month! For a very short time, we will have “three under three.” I get a lot of unsolicited “Wow, how are you going to manage this?” comments in the grocery store.

I guess I am already unknowingly putting out distress signals to the general public.


Even if strangers are concerned, I know we’ve got this. I have been pregnant or breastfeeding for the past four years. I’d like to think we know what we are doing. And yes, you better believe what I’d really like is a glass of chilled Riesling.

This time around was different since I had my first two daughters at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton. My third baby girl arrived in South Korea during a global pandemic. I’m not quite sure whether any past experience will help me out here. So, as we settle into life with three littles, I thought I’d share these pro-Mama tips with you:

  1. Pack an extension cord in your hospital bag. Hospital beds are usually in the middle of a large room and your phone charger won’t make it to the wall. You will be on your phone a lot, whether it’s at the start of labor to pass the time or when you are FaceTiming with your family to meet your new baby!
  1. Ditch that little Target waste bin in your bathroom. Get yourself a tall kitchen trash container with a lid. One pair of mesh panties fills up that cute little waste bucket you have right now. It’s going to have to handle more than just the usual q-tips and floss this month. Spring for the lid to avoid having to look at anything in there too long. And remember every time you pitch another pair of Depends in there, you are one step closer to healing.
  1. Ask your community to set up a meal train for you instead of a baby shower/sprinkle (for your second or third baby). This is one of the most valuable post-delivery gifts. Yes, yes I know, that Pottery Barn blanket is really sweet, but you can buy yourself that later.  A plate of hot homemade lasagna is the best gift ever. Okay, you might not eat it hot, but still.
  1. Buy yourself the good shampoo. During those first few months with a newborn, a shower might be your only alone time. Also, it may be the only 5 minutes you aren’t worrying that your breasts are leaking into your clean t-shirt… again. Buy the good stuff for those first few months. It’s worth it.
  1. Make time for a pedicure! Yes, I know this one is said a lot. You are very exposed during labor and yes your modesty goes out the window real fast, but it’s still nice to have cute toes.

Congratulations, and I hope one or two of these tips come in handy for you!