How Do You Know if Your Family is Complete?


I never envisioned myself as a #boymom. But in two years, I popped out two sweet baby boys and as the cliche goes, I can’t imagine my life without them. However, two under two is no walk in the park. Even with a toddler who slept through the night starting at eight weeks, there’s no getting around it- life with an infant and toddler is exhausting. My husband and I adore our boys, but we quickly swore that we were done having kids. We have our hands full with two!

Now that my youngest is no longer an infant, we’ve slowly started sleeping more, and my body is mine again after 14 months of breastfeeding. I’ve finally begun to feel like myself. Yet ever so slowly, an ache has crept in. As I see my friends with their daughters, as I watch viral videos of the treasured relationship between mother and daughter, as I think about my own relationship with my mom and sister. An ache I never anticipated: I want a daughter. 

An ache I never anticipated: I want a daughter. 

My husband has wanted a girl from day one. But I honestly thought I was okay with just having boys. So now the question is: do we want a girl enough to try for a third child?

I don’t want to have a third child unless I’m just as excited about the prospect of having a baby boy as I would be about having a baby girl.

I don’t want to have a third child until we pay off the medical bills for our last baby.

I don’t want to have a third child until we have the funds to purchase a vehicle that can actually fit three babies.

I don’t want to have a third child in theory. But the ache remains.

How do you know if your family is complete?



  1. We have one child, a daughter, and I am absolutely certain our family is complete. We are on the flip side: I would LOVE a son. However, we are too old and poor…and I’m ok with that. I look back on all of the milestones we have made it through and as much as I adore babies, I don’t want another one. With that being said, having a girl is so much fun. She’s feisty, tests me constantly, but at the end of the day, we are each other’s favorite person. Your boys are just so beautiful! And I still read you blog daily but, for some reason, I can’t leave a comment from my work computer. I need to plan some evening blog commenting time. Ha ha!

  2. Oh man, this is a tough one and the decision is so personal for each couple! I’m a mom of two little boys too, and although I wonder sometimes what it would be like to have a girl, we are done. The aching desire and itch for one more baby just isn’t there… and, as much as I absolutely adore my two boys and *love* being a boy mom, I think the chance of possibly having a third boy might just do me in! haha

  3. This is so hard! My husband and I have both always wanted a big family…we know we aren’t done. But at the same time, I’m overwhelmed with three! How could I add more to the mix, even though that is what I’ve always wanted!
    I heard someone say one time to close your eyes and picture your family around the table when they are young adults/adults. How many people are around the table? I don’t know if that works AT ALL, but when I close my eyes, I know there are more children around the table. Someone(s?) is missing. But now for the timing. *Sigh*

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