Forever Family {Loving Our Cats, Past and Present}


During the initial lockdown in spring 2020, we lost our beloved kitty, Lemon. He was my first cat ever; a part of my life before a partner or children. It really was a blessing to be home during our cat’s final days. 

What I have experienced since the death of our cat has made my momma heart grow three sizes. My children openly talk about our dead cat as a part of our current family.


We have one living cat remaining, so I currently describe us as a one-cat family. To hear my children speak, they describe us as a one-cat living and one-cat dead family. Maybe that sounds morbid at first utterance, but it a lesson of family I have long drilled into them. 

I did not experience growing up with a sibling at home.

So when attempting to diffuse the bickering of my children, I remind them of their bonds lasting throughout time (please just enjoy your built-in playmate). Siblings to the grave and beyond. Death does not break their bond. 

Circle back to a description of our cat family. It might be more of a straight line to think we had and will continue to have these two cats; one currently alive and one dead.

When our alive cat walks in front of the camera on a zoom call, my 5-year-old boldly says, “That’s Rudi. Our other cat is dead.” When our alive cat hangs out on the bed with my 9-year-old at night, my child says, “You’re our favorite alive kitty.” 

Losing a pet last year sucked. But it has created a way to speak to my children about the love we carry in our hearts and the memories we will never forget.