The Truth About Being a Boy Mom


Barbies, bows, braids, and dresses – that is how I envisioned it would be having a little girl. Instead, I get trucks, battles, and bruises – yes, I am a boy mom (of two). I certainly was not ready for what is the twister that little boys bring to your life. Males dominate my household (my husband, two boys, two male dogs, and two male cats). Then there is me, the lone female ranger.

There is a lot that comes with the territory of being a mom to boys.

boy mom

In fact, there is a tremendous amount that no one informed me was coming. No one informed me that changing diapers would include a stream of pee to my freshly cleaned clothes. No one informed me that my living room would suddenly transform into a WWE ring. No one informed me that it doesn’t matter how many times you tell them to stop jumping off the furniture and chairs, they take that as a challenge.

Many of my friends have girls and the way I observe them playing is so much different than the way boys play. Boys are all around rough, and when I say rough, I mean that they will be down on the ground wrestling and lying on top of one another. I spend an abundance of time worrying about blood and stitches. “Watch this” is the phrase I dread hearing as a mom (most of the time anyway). Usually, it involves diving off a bed, climbing a tree that has jagged branches, or flipping over the back of the couch. We have had to visit the ER for stitches on the head, and I have seen more than enough scrapes and blood from “battle wounds.”

With all the chaos and mess, one thing for certain is that I have learned to embrace the title of Boy Mom.

Sure, boys may be more risk-takers/daredevils, but it has taught me to loosen up and go with the flow of what life brings. Also, all the dirt and messes that I endured have helped me to realize that life is full of messes, and it is easier to just make the best of the situation. There is no real guidance on what being a boy mom entails and no playbook to help you learn.

What I can tell you about being a Boy Mom is that it means that you (their mother) are their first love. The bond that boys and moms share with one another is irrefutable. Both of my boys are stereotypical Mama’s Boys. I am the one who can kiss the boo-boos and make them better. I am the one who can comfort them when they are sick, and when they see me, their eyes light up. I would never trade all the messes and roughness for the love I receive from my boys.

I have my work cut out for me with all the messes, but it is worth it when I hear my almost 2-year-old say, “Mama,” and my oldest come running out of school saying, “Mommy, I did so good today.”