Love Is In the Air {Reconnecting With Your Spouse}


2020 was difficult for so many reasons. I found myself as a new mom and navigating a pandemic at the same time. Loneliness was at an all-time high, and my husband and I were in survival mode still as we tried to figure out life with a newborn while also keeping everyone in our house safe and healthy. Our relationship definitely got put on the back burner; date nights didn’t happen since we didn’t leave our home. We were around each other 24/7 but not really spending time together.


Fast forward to 2023 and I have to confess we aren’t doing much better, even though everyone has figured out how to go back to venturing out, going places and living life. So, how can we make 2023 a better year of reconnecting?

Plan the Dates

Pull out the calendar and schedule some time together. Find the sitter. Budget for the expense (it’s worth it), or find family or a friend who will help with child care.

Put the Phones Away

Even when my husband and I try to spend some quality time together at home watching a show, our phones seem to still be a third wheel. Put them on silent. Leave them in another room. Technology has its place and is a great tool at times, but it can definitely be a barrier when it comes to giving another person your undivided attention.

Talk to Each Other

Remember your spouse isn’t a mind reader, and they aren’t always going to know what you need. Tell them when you want more quality time together, brainstorm date ideas and figure out who’s going to make arrangements so they actually happen.

Reconnecting with your spouse after a stressful season of uncertainty, change or lack of time can be difficult but taking steps to remedy the situation can have a lasting impact on your relationship.