Lindsey Gust-Niswonger

Lindsey Gust-Niswonger
Hi there! I'm Lindsey! I'm a "boymom" and am so very "outnumbered!" but I couldn't be happier with my boys, Augustus and Jameson! I'm originally from Northwest Ohio but moved to the Dayton area when I married my husband in 2008. Together we have created a little family we affectionately call The Niswonger Frat House. We like to live a pretty simple life filled with a lot of family time, sports, good food and church on Sundays. I work for a local catering company part time as their photographer and social media coordinator. This adds to my love of food even more as I get to see these amazing dishes be created from start to finish! It's a really fun job and I am very lucky as I do get to take my boys with me to some of the events. I have dealt with endometriosis for most of my life and that lead to fertility issues but thankfully, God had a bigger plan for us. I am always an open book to anyone who has experienced these issues and love to hear from others about their experiences. We have to support each other as women and as mamas! I am absolutely addicted to Tim Hortons coffee, anything Tom Selleck and old television shows like The Golden Girls and Murder She Wrote! I'm a total book nerd and list the library as one of my favorite places to be! I'm really looking forward to being a contributor and learning more about other mamas and how they parent their littles! It's fun ride we are all on so let's high five and cheer each other on!

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