November Dayton Dozen :: Guide to Family-Friendly Events


november dayton dozen events

Screen time’s a plenty nowadays. But, oh how I long for the mom version of “Netflix and Chill”. Here’s “Netflix Now Chill Out”. Here are some pieces of the internet to give you some peace. Some local, some within the state of Ohio, the Country, the world, and beyond. This is just part one of the entire list I sourced my fellow Gem City mamas!

Note: this list was created Fall of 2020. Depending on when using this list, some links may be moved or broken. I tried to list the organization whenever possible, so you can view their current offerings.

1. Lima Symphony Orchestra

Symphony story time with a read aloud followed by symphonic instrumental music.

2. Brown County Library

YouTube Channel

String Trick with Ms. Hannah

3. Miami University Art Museum

YouTube Channel

Collections Connection, spotlighting art from permanent collection (this episode is about Fountain Square in Cincinnati)

4. Columbus Museum

Museum From Home: Virtual Museum for kids series, featuring link of Tara Donovan’s sculpture in their permanent collection

5. Follett House Museum

Follet House Friday with Sandusky Library: Artifacts from from the city of Sandusky and Erie County shared in several short YouTube Videos. Featured link is for an 1800s candy fish maker from a local confectioner.

6. COSI Connects

Videos and activities of science exploration: YouTube channel featuring their basketball rat game (a memory from my own childhood visits)

7. The Cleveland Museum of Art

Creative Challenges: Prompts with household objects to create art emulating their exhibitions

8. National Museum of the United States Air Force

Virtual tour

9. Glenn Research Center

Virtual tour

10. Stark Library

YouTube Channel

11. Akron Zoo


12. Warren-Trumbull County Public Library

YouTube Channel

Boredom Buster: Flashlight Projector Craft: Common items found in your house create a projector powered by any flashlight