BYO Mom Edition


As a mom and resident pack mule, I schlep around diapers, extra clothes, snacks, and what-have-you for the bemusement of tiny humans. When thinking of what all we might need, I also think about what we might want, and these items come to mind.

Water Bottle

Bringing along water bottles for the kids has been a life-saver in the drama category. We can avoid the “I’M THIRSTY” demands.

It’s great when grocery shopping with those yummy samples (can I make a meal out of those?). Excellent for the movies with all the seats having cup holders. And restaurants are the best for BYO water bottles. No spilling the provided cup or using their single-use plastic cups or straws. If you enjoy having a water bottle, consider having your kids bring along their own bottles, too.


This might seem less obvious, but it comes up often. Especially with warmer weather, we occasionally go out for a cold treat. Even when we cannot control the container our food is presented in, we can BYO what is possible and that really ads up. I pack one spoon and one straw per person (it really takes up so little room). 

Plates & Containers

When I KNOW we will be eating away from home, I can prepare in a different way by bringing something to eat off of. End-of-the-year pizza party with the team? Pot luck group event? There are many occasions in the year where single-use plates are provided. I don’t always carry these with me, but when I can plan for these types of events, it is easy to pack each person a small plate from home. I often bring a container to eat out of and it doubles to take home leftovers. 

Being the bringer of all-the-things, I don’t mean to add more to our lists. But a smidge of planning makes our experiences and our planet a little happier.