Amy Blair

Amy Blair
Hello! My name is Amy! I am married to my wonderful husband who works at Target! How awesome is that!?! I have three very beautiful girls. Savannah is my oldest and my artistic one. Lacie is the middle one and is my wild child with the biggest heart. Emma is littlest one who acts and thinks like an adult. I work full time managing a team of specialists at a call center. I'm completely addicted to Iced Chai Lattes and Starbucks. I love getting out and about as much as our hectic schedule allows - either exploring new places or revisiting our tried and true favorites!
dayton holiday gift guide

Dayton Holiday Gift Guide

Presenting your annual Dayton-area holiday gift guide! Whether you’re looking for awesome new gift ideas for your kids, want experiences to gift, or are searching for a good cause to gift to on behalf...
halloween events around dayton

Halloween Events {2023}

Here's your annual roundup of Halloween events happening around the Greater Dayton area this year all month long during October! Dress up, have some fun, eat lots of treats, and stay safe - whether...

A {Not Very Good} Summer Break Poem

"School's out for summer, No more teachers, no more books," The kids all shout with glee! The sun is shining, The heavy coats are put away. Flip flops serve as footwear, And swimming pools serve as bathtubs. Summer is great fun, Summer...

The Best Craft for Anyone

Do you love to craft but need a new idea? Are you not very crafty but wish you could be? Do you need an activity that will be fun and entertaining and fully engage...

Giving Our Kids Grace

I am, quite often, thankful for social media. I know, it sounds crazy, but I am. I love catching up with old friends and staying close to family that lives far away. I enjoy...

National Gingerbread House Day {Dec. 12}

I absolutely love gingerbread houses! All the little details - the sugar snow and the gumdrop accents, the icing lattice and licorice windows. They're just so adorable! I love going places that have houses...

Coming Out of the [Baby Stage] Fog

"Mom, when we go to Sam's Club, you can't walk around and look at all the baby clothes and say, 'Oh, look how cute!'" What?! These are the words my preteen recently said to me....

The Cheerleaders In Our Lives

I recently completed a HUGE work project. Probably one of the biggest of my career. It was a LOT of fun. It was also a LOT of work! I had to partner and collaborate...

Never Have I Ever {Parent Edition}

Life as a parent is certainly an adventure! Before our first child, I had visions of how things would look, how my kids would act and all the fun we would have. What did...

Lessons Learned from an Old Cutting Block

Life lessons seem to come from the oddest places sometimes, don't they? A knick-knack passed down from a grandmother maybe. Or a sign on a wall somewhere with a quote that makes you stop...

Frugal Family Fun Ideas {Ways to Celebrate Family Fun Month}

Next month (August) is Family Fun Month! Oh, you had no idea? Me either! A whole month of family-focused fun?! Wait, isn't that every day of your life for 18+ years as a parent?...

I’m So Tired! {Let’s Play a Game}

I'm so tired, friends. So very, very tired. How about you? Are you feeling tired? I'm also happy, excited, sad, in love, proud, afraid, busy, bored, sympathetic, energetic, and exhausted. All of those feelings...

I Grew Up in a Cult {And I Miss It}

I miss the simpler days of my childhood, including aspects of the church I grew up in! The same church that when Googled mentions states it is labeled by some as a cult (the...
summer movies in dayton

Summer Movies {2022}

Warm Summer nights outside with the family are pretty close to perfection. Summer movies on a warm evening with the fam is even better. Take advantage of some of the great local options to head...